The Denim Trend You Need to Get in on NOW!

flared cropped frayed jeansPhoto via Cheetah Is the New Black

You've likely noticed that cropped, frayed, flared jeans are everywhere at the moment. That's a lot of style in one pair of jeans, but I have to say I'm feeling it. The look has a '70s vibe, which I personally never tire of, and it feels fresh after what seems like a million years of skinnies.

If you've been at this fashion gig a while, it's easy to start rocking this style immediately. Just dig to the bottom of your jeans drawer or to the back of your closet where you've been saving those flares from the late '90s/early '00s hoping that exactly this moment would one day arrive. Locate some sharp, strong scissors and get cutting.

If you're not a hoarder, or if you were still wearing Garanimals 15 years ago, I recommend heading to your local Goodwill where you will certainly find some flares. Take them home and cut the hem off those babies. Or, simply seam-rip the hem—whatever your pleasure. Here are some DIY tips from Man Repeller, Fashionista and Honestly WTF.

But if all of this seems like too much work, plenty of brands would be happy to sell  you denim in this style. Citizens of Humanity make the style above, as seen on Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black and myselfMadewell has a version, as do Marques'Almeida, J Brand (on sale!), Steven Alan and many more.

Have you recently rocked the frayed flare crop? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. goldrhapsody

    Thanks for the post! I love the flared jeans. I was wearing some from Zara today, and got stopped 4 times and asked if I was from Paris :)) I live in South Eastern part of USA. Cheers,