Lonely Blogger Syndrome? Make Friends With IFB Pro—and Get Answers FAST


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We've been talking about it a lot, and it's finally happening—next week, in fact! Keep an eye out because we're launching IFB Pro on Monday, November 2. Mark you're calendars! We've been testing it on a small group of beta users, and we're ready to make it available to any IFB member who's interested.

Why should you be interested? There are tons of reasons, especially if you're ready to transition your blog into a full-time gig. Or, maybe you're a newbie, but you want to start off strong with all the information and training you need at your fingertips. Or perhaps you're feeling a little lonely blogging from your home office every day, and would benefit from an intimate community of fashion bloggers who are dealing with the same stuff as you.

If that last one sounds about right, you'll be happy to know that Pro membership includes exclusive access to a Facebook group where you'll be able to pose questions to other members as well as IFB staff about anything from personal style to affiliate marketing and everything in between. It's a place to share your experiences and help each other with the day to day problems, big and small.

Even if you're perfectly happy working on your own, this is your forum anytime you need answers fast. Whether you’re in the mood to share a positive experience, complain, humble brag (we won’t judge), or help others who might be struggling with some aspect of running their blog, the IFB Pro Facebook page is your safe place for venting and celebrating.

Blogging can be an isolating gig, but our Pro Facebook group intends to make it less so. Who knows, you might event get to know someone who lives in your city. Maybe you'll even meet up IRL (!).

Moral support and fast answers are important, and we've got you covered on those fronts. But, as you'll see on Monday, IFB Pro is much more than that.

Anyone who wants to learn, improve, and/or network with likeminded content creators can benefit. It's an exclusive resource that will provide the latest and best thinking, most up-to-date articles, brand partnership opportunities, exclusive discounts, access to our courses and guides, and learning from experts in private webinars. We look forward to working with you!

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