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Being a blogger is vulnerable. You’re offering yourself to an audience. You’re showing off your style. You’re putting your ideas out there and hoping the world notices. It can be isolating, scary, and hard. And that is why IFB was first created, to give fashion bloggers a community, help and encouragement.

It’s also why we’re very excited to announce IFB Pro.

Starting today, we’re providing a private, exclusive place for fashion bloggers who are looking to take their blogs to the next level. It’s about focus, dedication and passion. It’s about helping each other, providing information, and strengthening a core community of members who are committed to blogging. It’s not about success or judgement, it’s about following a passion and being supported in that passion.

If you’re ready, sign up now! Only $15/month

IFB Pro is for you

If you’re reading this, IFB Pro is for you. You’re here. You’re either thinking about starting a blog, or you have a successful one with years under your belt. It’s not about how far along you are, but why you want to blog and your commitment to taking it seriously. It’s our job to support you along the way and provide the tools and resources you need to put out your best work.

There’s a lot here:


Our community section contains a private, members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, share your victories, and trade secrets with your peers. Since IFB Pro is for go-getters, you’ll have a high signal-to-noise ratio meaning you’ll have lots to learn from and to offer to each other.

Also in our community we have our semi-monthly webinars. We’ll be interviewing industry leaders and big brands to help you get access to the best minds in the fashion world. Whether they’re your aspirational hero blogger or the marketing manager for a major fashion company, you’ll get live access to the webinar and can submit questions beforehand. Plus, you’ll have access to our complete archive of recorded interviews.

We’ve also created a way to help promote all our IFB Pro members through a live feed of our members’ websites and posts. On our homepage and in our sidebar, we now feature recent articles from all of our IFB Pro members. We automatically pull in your blog posts and display them on our site so others can see the amazing posts you guys are writing. It’s an awesome way to be discovered by more people and to get exposure for your site.

And lastly, show off your ‘Pro-ness’ with our IFB Pro Member Badges. Let the world know you’re part of a committed group of serious bloggers by showing off the fancy and beautiful IFB Pro badge.\

Knowledge Base

Need to know which SEO plugin to use on your site? No problem. Unsure about affiliate marketing or how to create an editorial calendar? We’ve got you covered.

Our Knowledge Base is an ever-growing list of articles on the topics that matter to you. We cover everything from photography to monetization to branding. We’re constantly adding new information, so if you don’t see something you’re curious about, let us know and we’ll find the info and add it, just for you, because we like you.

Courses and Guides

IFB is more than just a community site. We also create and publish guides, e-courses, and ebooks. And when we do, as an IFB Pro member you’ll get free access (or significantly discounted prices) to everything we create. This includes our 10-day Instagram Course, along with all of our mini-guides around topics like monetizing your blog. And as a member, you’ll also have the opportunity to vote on which guides and courses we create next.


Because IFB is a wonderfully large community, we regularly are offered discounts to fashion brands, technology tools, and services that we think you’ll love. We share those discounts with IFB Pro members, allowing you to gain exclusive and early access to our best deals. We keep this section updated regularly and are always willing to reach out to companies on your behalf.

So. Much. More

We’re just getting started. We're excited to unveil even more cool and big ideas in the near future. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start taking advantage of our Pro services—and let us know what you want more (or less) of in the future.

The Time is Now!

Don’t wait. During our launch week, we’ll be offering exclusive opportunities only to our founding team of Pro members. Through November 6th, anyone who signs up will receive:

A special IFB Pro Founding Member badge for their site.

We’ll also be choosing 5 founding members to participate in a new partnership with a company that provides photo editing services for bloggers. Make your images look even better and to save you hours adjusting and improving your images in post-production. It’s a very-early stage project we’re working on, and five founding members will be able to help us test it out for free.

So, if you’ve made it this far, IFB Pro is for you. Sign up now and take advantage of this week’s special offers and opportunities. We’ll see you inside.

Sign up today, only $15/month



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About The Author

Kim earned her analytics chops at digital marketing agencies in Portland, Oregon, and her fashion chops as a teen navigating the preppy ’90s and now as an editor for IFB. Fortunately for the gems in her closet, wrangling the marketing and analytics for multiple websites doesn’t keep Kim behind the computer—she’s spoken at conferences as international asSimply Stylist NYC and as homegrown as Tiny Startup Camp. Her love of design translates to her home renovation projects. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s chasing a two-year old, a husband, and a dog or drinking Oregon’s best coffee and wine. Actually, sometimes all of those things happen simultaneously.

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5 Responses

  1. Carla

    i’m a huge fan of IFB but I feel like you guys should offer a demonstration time so then we could decide to sign up or not. I do not live on US and some of IFB posts I saw through the years are really “local” so I’m afraid to sign up and end up getting a lot of content that covers a specific audience and won’t serve me. 🙁

    • Jason Glaspey

      Hey Carla, thanks for the feedback. At this time, our software makes free trials really hard, and so instead we’re offering a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the content, no problem, we can refund your payment at any time. But you’ll immediately get access to a lot of resources that are not local at all, and hopefully you’ll find value immediately as well. But as we said, we’re 100% committed to making sure our members love it, so if you don’t, we’ll refund your purchase… all you have to do is ask.