8 Methods to Make Affiliate Marketing Fun

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If you feel as though your affiliate marketing strategy and style are forced, you might begin to dread taking part in it—and even worse, your readers will hate it too. That's why it is important to find an affiliate marketing model that allows you to feel comfortable—and maybe even enjoy—promoting your blog and your affiliates.

Remember, your passion will lead to your success. Here are eight suggestions to not only boost your affiliate marketing success, but to make it feel fun and natural!

1. Choose your product carefully.

Make sure that each product you promote is well worth your while. Time is of the essence, and both you and your readers are busy.

If you're promoting a single product, remember it's better to specialize in one product that either brings a huge commission or mass sales than to branch out and end up with fewer sales.

Of course, this is not always possible. If you choose to go a different route with platforms like Amazon, where there are masses of organic visitors pre-qualifying themselves every day, it won't matter so much if the commission or other rewards are comparatively low just because of the numbers.

2. Be straightforward.

Once you have identified what your readers need, provide them the solution right away. This will save both you and your audience time and energy, and your readers will appreciate it.

Being straightforward in your dealings is absolutely crucial no matter what style of affiliate marketing you choose to embrace. It lends to your credibility as both an honest and effective blogger.

3. Build trust with your audience by giving honest reviews.

Before people take your recommendations seriously, they need to feel that you can be trusted. There are just too many scams out there. So make sure you establish trust with your subscribers and followers right away.

Always keep your audience in mind as you look for products to review and recommend. Determine whether the products will genuinely be of interest.

If you focus on helping your audience first, giving honest recommendations about the right products will come naturally. 

4. Review more than one product in the same post.

Even if you'rere not running a “comparison” review site in chart form, consider reviewing more than one product in the same post. People love comparisons, but you need to be as objective as possible and remember to include affiliate links for both products.

Another nice thing about comparisons is that they give you a chance to earn more money. Double the product, double the commission.

5. Boost your reviews on social media.

Whether you are running a review site or simply include the occasional relevent review on your blog, you should consider using a “double whammy” strategy to increase your targeted reach. In other words, don’t just promote the product, promote your review too!

Don't be scared to promote your blog post link on social media—whether on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any of the other social media platforms. And when you do that, you can include a sneak preview of what your review is about. This is a great way to grab your audience’s attention. Then you can add a link to your original post at the end.

6. Don’t just tell people about a product—show them how to use it.

While writing blog posts is fun, why not take a break and make videos as well? They don't have to be long. Make a video that shows your audience how your recommended product can potentially solve their problems. Not only does this appeal to people who prefer a more visual type of media, but it also proves that you have used the products yourself. You’ll also assuage some readers’ fears by making product use easy.

Tip: Before you film, use the product first. Take the time to get to know the product. Get comfortable with it, use it in your everyday life. This will show when you’re using it in the video, and you will also discover hidden tips and tricks. Your apparent expertise and “insider” tactics are what will really convince your viewers that you are worth listening to (and that the recommended product is worth buying)!

7. Be your own case study.

If you can prove what a measurable, positive difference a product, such as a pair of shoes, underwear, coat, or corset, has made in your own life—you will double your chances of getting a conversion.

If you are just starting out, this is a perfect opportunity to plan the documentation of your journey, step by step.

Use videos in addition to photographs. Note that people respond especially well to videos, since they perceive these as less easy to fake—particularly if you are showing something happening in real-time—mistakes and all!

Remember that people identify with mistakes and failures, so providing you also show the way to overcome or avoid these, you can gain tremendous credibility by keeping it real.

8. Be clear about which specific niche you are in.

Resist the urge to promote products all over the map. It is tempting, I know. Promote only the products that are highly relevant to your niche. This is the only way to keep building trust with your subscribers and followers, and will also help you gain them as you become the go-to expert in your niche!

These are just a handful of tips inspired by my and Heidi’s sixth eKit in the Blogger Building Blocks Monthly series, Affiliate Marketing Integrity! This starter kit includes a mailing list planner, step-by-step tutorial workbook, 2-week calendar, and a getting-it-done checklist.

What are your affiliate marketing tips?

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