4 Fashion Blogs With Exciting Photography


Photo by Jamie Beck via The Glamourai

We all love a good outfit photo, otherwise we probably wouldn't be in this business. But we also have to admit that the photography on fashion blogs can get a little monotonous after a while. Tons of shots of the same outfit on the same street can only take a blogger so far.

But many bloggers have taken their photography a step further and found ways to showcase their outfits in more visually interesting ways. Some have even added photography that features people and things other than themselves! Here are just a few who are kicking the eye candy up a notch.

Lust for Life

22291710674_ea4f85f5a3_cEven when Olivia Lopez isn't shooting at some amazing gallery space, she keeps things interesting with bold graphic backgrounds. Bar3-3-copy-1024x682

Style by Alina


Alina Dinh has perfected the art of photo editing in her petite fashion blog. Not that she alters her photographs extensively, rather, she has a light touch with great impact. She glows off of the page—and her readers love it so much that she has launched a side business selling her Adobe Lightroom presets (stay tuned for more on that next week!)


The Petticoat

 New-York-2015-Photo-Diary-The-Petticoat-Signs-24Cristina Fernandez and Siro Garcia always put fashion in context, like these photos taken on a trip to New York City in September. You'll find few (if any) typical outfit photos, and plenty of inspiration. 


The Glamourai


Kelly Framel hails from the old guard of fashion blogging, and she has created a site that could compete with any glossy fashion magazine with five times the staff. She regularly collaborates with top models (Joan Smalls was a recent get) and buzzy photographers including Jamie Beck, and she still does regular outfit posts. Yep, she's our hero!



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