13 Tips for Connecting With Your Audience

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As a blogger, you need to always be on the look-out for clues as to what your audience needs next. Your ideas should be as fluid and responsive as the community that is driving you.

Not sure how to get started? We've got 13 ideas for engaging and interacting with your niche audience.

1. Mix up your content presentation and style.

People learn differently. To keep your audience interested and excited about your material, think about presenting it in different ways. Mix up the types of media you use by switching between blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos, and live streaming. You can even create infographics to help your audience remember key points.

For example, on the Blogger Babes blog, we post articles, photos, and infographics. Sometimes we even hold webinars! Not only could you post photos of various outfits and accessories, but you should also incorporate review posts and videos or live streams of fashion shows or events.

2. Make your content as interactive as possible.

Send out polls and short surveys on your blog. Ask for photo submissions on Instagram or opinions on a certain brand or accessory. Include questions in your emails to your subscribers. Use platforms that yield fast responses from your followers.

Tip: Start with something as simple as writing “Retweet if you agree!” at the end of your tweets to boost your audience interactions and make you more memorable.

3. Use contests to add some excitement to your community life.

On Facebook alone, you can hold affiliate contests on your blog, photo contests, “Best Title” contests, and even “Flash” contests, in which people take photos on the spot and post them on your Facebook page or in your group.

If you’d like, you can also hold contests on your blog and photo-specific contests on Instagram.

4. Interact with your followers online.

We recommend that you follow your most active followers. Interact with them daily, or at least as much as you can. Comment on their posts, ask them questions that make them look good, as well as acknowledge and celebrate their successes.  It will let them know you're there for them and will make your relationships stronger.

5. Give away handouts to help people prepare for your webinar.

Position these handouts as bonuses or helpful aids, so they will get the most out of your webinar. You can create checklists and fill-in-the-blank questionnaires for this. You may also include fun exercises that will not only help them get ready, but also spark their creativity.

6. Inspire them to create.

This will also require some creativity on your part, but it will be worth it! Look up some exercises online that spark creativity, and incorporate one or two of these the next time you do a presentation. You can also come up with a tutorial on how to make something niche-specific that your audience will love.

7. Write catchy headlines.

Your headlines can easily make or break your posts. Headlines are what separate viral posts from those that fade into obscurity. We recommend that you use words that will not only pique your readers’ curiosity, but will also resonate with them.

8. Embed social media “share” buttons on your website.

This makes it so that your audience can easily interact with you around the web and at your other social networks. Take a look at how we embed the buttons on the Blogger Babes blog:

9. Be authentic.

Authenticity has a lot do with speaking from the heart and simply being yourself. Let people know what you’re all about—and you’ll be amazed how many of your followers will find themselves resonating with you!

10. Include a feature they can’t resist.

Do you put out a newsletter? Make sure your readers never miss an issue by including one really valuable item that is different but present every month.

Look to your followers to find out what they value as priceless. Is it your never-before-seen tutorials, or perhaps your exclusive webinars?

Tip: Use your best guess combined with trial and error at first. As soon as you include a particular content type or gift that everyone talks about and comments on, make a note of it! That’s the type of item to turn into your regular newsletter “gift.”

11. Post beautiful photos.

This is a given when it comes to fashion blogging. Your photos should be visually pleasing and evoke strong emotion. Put as much thought and care in the photos you share as you do in crafting powerful headlines.

Need inspiration? Take a look at Heidi’s Instagram feed.

12. Create Facebook-only promotions for your audience.

Doing so will make them feel special and appreciated.

13. Use comparison charts.

Posting reviews that compare two or more products is a great way to get your audience to bookmark your posts. This is effective because most people often want to refer back to comparison charts. They want to learn the similarities and differences instantly without doing tons of research or having to read through paragraphs of text.

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What are some of your favorite methods of involving your followers? Tell us in the comments below!

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