9 Fashion Things We’re Thankful For This Year


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It's the day before the eating and drinking extravaganza that is Thanksgiving dinner, and, naturally, what we'll be wearing is top of  mind. It's a tough one, because we want to look casually chic, but the real goal is for the least amount of fabric possible to touch our skin. And if the fabric must be in contact with our bodies, it must contain at least 2% elastane or stretchy fabric equivalent. And/or, it must be black.

Happily, there are plenty fashionable garments available at the moment that will get you the comfy, warm, and, yes, chic (whether your aunt Margaret understands the latter attribute notwithstanding) outfit you desire!

1. Dresses over pants

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2. Roomy boyfriend jeans with comfy sweaters


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3. Overalls

Screenshot 2015-11-25 08.43.06

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4. Oversized Sweaters


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5. Kaftans



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6. Boxy blazers


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7. Athleisure


Photo via Sydnestyle

8. All black

Photo via Valentino

9. Roomy Jumpsuits


Photo via ASOS

Happy Thanksgiving fellow bloggers! What are you thankful for this year?

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