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Last week we discussed 13 tips for effectively connecting and interacting with your tribe. Believe it or not, we have more where those came from! And where that came from is the latest edition of our monthly Blogger Building Blocks, How to Effectively Connect and Engage with Your Audience. Read on for even more ways to engage your audience and build relationships to further your blog and your reach.

Your ideal audience often serves as a source of inspiration. Better yet, they can also give you feedback and keep you on track.

1. Plan for holidays.

It’s that time of year! Holidays are a great time to get personal with your audience. Share your latest holiday deal grab, what you wore to a holiday party, or ask them to share their funniest memories of the holiday in your blog or Facebook comments. You can also post fun “how-to” tutorials with visually-appealing photos on Instagram. Take this opportunity to bond with your people. But most importantly, have fun! If you enjoy the topic, so will your readers.

2. Use storyboards.

When screenwriters pitch an idea, they often bring storyboards to better illustrate what they have in mind. Act like a screenwriter pitching a story when sharing your ideas or thoughts to your followers. Show them what you mean, rather than telling them, and you’ll engage right off the bat.

A storyboard can be like a “how-to” instruction mini-manual with pictures. Simply number each step and use simple illustrations. Instagram is a great platform for this.

3. Ask people to share.

You'd be surprised how many people forget about this! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab more followers by simply asking folks to share. Note how other people are sharing their stuff and adopt methods that feel the most natural. Also make sure it's easy: add a button where they can easily click and share to one of their social networks with or without a comment of their own.

Tip: Write half a dozen straightforward share messages on a card, and post them beside your computer. Get into the habit of referring to them every time you write a social media post promoting your blog posts.

4. Give behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Are you going to an event your audience would love to attend? Be sure to spot-interview speakers or interesting attendees, getting the inside scoop for your followers. Document yourself getting ready for an event, or show the venue being set up, models getting ready backstage at a show, even your hotel room. For example, Heidi just started doing this for Blogger Babes, starting with New York Fashion Week:

Screenshot 2015-11-30 06.59.21

You can give behind-the-scenes peeks at anything you think your audience would find interesting—even if it’s just a glimpse of how you prepare for a photoshoot. The best platforms for this are Instagram and Periscope or Snapchat.

5. Get your followers out of their comfort zones.

Challenge your followers to do something new. Use stories and examples, and give them measurable goals to strive for. Get them to engage in exercises and mini-challenges that can help them achieve their aspirations or dreams.

6. Present lively and successful case studies.

Case studies don’t have to be boring. They can also be interactive. Create case studies based on other fashion bloggers' success, trends, or companies that your community members will identify with. Help them envision what they, too, can achieve success by following their examples.

7. Promote your community members.

As much as possible, whenever one of your followers reports an achievement, celebrate and share it. If you can, feature them on your blog or your newsletter.

Be creative! Remember: it’s all about connecting and building relationships. Most importantly, always focus on how you can help your audience. When that's your focus, you'll naturally create engaging content. And that results to more heartfelt interactions between you and your fellow fashion bloggers!

For more on how to establish a long-lasting relationship with your readers, subscribe to this month’s How to Effectively Connect and Engage with Your Audience! We have so many more tips, resources, worksheets, checklists, and more to getting you on your way towards having a large and loyal following!

How do you connect with your audience? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Melody Sours

    I love the tip on promoting community members. You don’t see this very often but it really makes bloggers seem more real and accessible. I want to do this more often.