A Two Minute Sit-Down With Garance Doré


A representative from Club Monaco got in touch last week asking if I'd like to interview Garance Doré when she was in town for her San Francisco book singing event—the next day.

I had a previous engagement, but of course I rearranged things for the opportunity to chat with Ms. Doré, who has been blogging for nearly a decade and recently published her first book, Love x Life x Style.

When I arrived at Club Monaco, the press contact placed me in the front of a line that snaked from the back to the front of the store and out into the mall with women (and a man or two) clutching their books, waiting to get them signed. I was sure the people who had been at the front of the line until I showed up would be slinging eye daggers (who knows how long they had been waiting!?), but they were perfectly lovely (to my face, anyway, and I thank them for that)—they even gave me a few interview tips.

Garance emerged right on time at 6pm wearing a white—definitely her color—wool mid-length jacket and looking radiant. I was directed to sit down with her for my interview at a pretty, white table that was in view of the enormous line of people and I suddenly realized how incredibly awkward it would be to have a chat as I made them all wait even longer.

So I spoke as fast as I felt was humanly possible while remaining understandable. Everything accelerated, like when you drink too much coffee. After a few questions (approximately 60 seconds, I figured), she looked at me ever-so politely and said: “I don't think I can answer many more questions, I'm so sorry.” I looked at my recorder and the timer read two minutes. Double my prediction but it felt like the blink of an eye. Still, it was too long in this context so I apologized, thanked her profusely, and ran away. Got a quote, got the book signed, didn't get a selfie (d'oh!).

Anyway, the quote! It was her answer to the question “What's your best tip for bloggers who are just starting out?”

Do something that you really care about, not what everybody else is doing.

You have perhaps heard similar advice before. But I believe it really is key to your blog's success. It's also very difficult advice to follow because first you must know what you really care about, which is easier said than done. And then you must execute that vision consistently, every day, while you also learn and keep up with new skills including photography, content management, marketing, and the million other facets that go into running a blog.

Garance has achieved all of the above over her 10 years of blogging, and she couldn't be a better role model.

Have you met Garance on her book tour? Is Love x Life x Style on your reading list? Have you already read it? Discuss below!

[Photo via Garance Dore]



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  1. Whitney

    I actually had the chance to sit down with Garance when she visited Philly on her book tour. ( http://thereclaimed.blogspot.com/2015/11/flashback-friday-that-time-you-meet.html?m=1 )I found her to be quite lovely and personable, very humble and engaging. She gave me some wonderful advice that changed the way I blog. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to have met her.

    The book is phenomenal, definitely on my must read list for anyone who calls themselves a blogger or simply loves style.

    • anna

      Hi Whitney,
      I just read your post about meeting Garance and I really enjoyed it! Nice photos, too. Thanks for sharing!


    I haven’t read her book but she has incredible style and a unique way of expressing it! I loved her videos!! Regarding her tip, I guess the reason we start blogging is to do what we love but we hope that the world … our readers will love it too…
    xxx Nina