How to Nail Snapchat: Tips From Three Major Fashion Brands

snapcodeIf there is one industry that has proven that brands can successfully engage with customers on Snapchat, it’s fashion. Many brands have utilized the social media tool during fashion week over the past several seasons, providing exclusive sneak peeks to shows many only dream of attending.

Why has Snapchat become such a popular platform for fashion fans? It offers a glimpse behind the curtain. It shows a reality beyond the perfect sheen of Instagram and blog images. And while style bloggers like ASOS and Man Repeller have embraced the app to great success, many fashion bloggers are still figuring it out how they can leverage it.

Because brands often have marketing teams dedicated to thinking through successful social media efforts, they're great examples for bloggers who are just learning. Read on to find out how these brands are killing it on Snapchat.

Lilly Pulitzer (lilly)

Lilly Pulitzer snapchat

Lilly Pulitzer has a loyal fan base that spans across multiple generations, and many people have love and loyalty for the brand. The company's Snapchat feed shares behind the scenes photo shoots of their upcoming collections and show clothing displayed in stores. Even though snaps last only up to 10 seconds, a quick preview is all it takes to get followers interested.

Lilly also likes to share videos of the iconic Lilly prints coming to life, often in a step-by-step video. It’s a great way to show fans content that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Kiel James Patrick (kjp)

KJP snapchat

Kiel James Patrick is an American-made brand that started off small but has become extremely popular among young New England prepsters, including preppy bloggers.

Kiel himself runs the Snapchat account, showing everything from employees packaging orders to enjoying a fancy brunch in Rhode Island. He is a master at sharing aspirational content. Each snap makes fans covet the New England, preppy lifestyle.


ASOS snapchat

ASOS, a UK online fashion empire, is known for sharing exclusive discount codes to Snapchat followers. The company also gives teasers on Twitter, encouraging users to follow on Snapchat. Cross promotion can be an excellent method for increasing followers on both channels.

Just like major fashion brands want to offer an authentic, unedited viewpoint, so can bloggers. Instagram has become a platform where bloggers share perfectly curated content, but Snapchat is an outlet where you can share a behind the scenes look at your day-to-day life. Here are some ideas for fashion bloggers:

  1. Lightning Interviews

    Snapchat videos are only 10 seconds long, but they can really help your audience get to know you better in an informal setting. If you’re out to lunch with your best friend, have them ask you a few speedy questions. For example: Beach or mountains? Kanye or JayZ? Biggest splurge? It’s a great way to get personal with your followers. You can even string several segments together.

  2. Daily Life 

    What does your life look like as a blogger? Share a little bit of your daily routine on Snapchat. Want to feature an outfit you’re wearing that won’t be on the blog? Share the look and then invite fans to follow you on Twitter to get the link where they can buy outfit details. Like ASOS, this is a great way to cross promote content on multiple platforms.

  3. New Themes 

    Snapchat is great for niche bloggers who might want to share new types of content. If you don’t typically cover makeup or food on your blog, Snapchat can be a great platform to explore new topics. Share your go-to beauty products or what you’re cooking up for dinner. Aimee Song’s feed, for example, is filled with delicious meals and her recent penchant for helping people in need.

  4. Behinds the Scenes

    Like Kiel James Patrick, show what goes on behind the scenes of your blog or brand. Putting together an outfit post featuring tips for wearing distressed denim? Take a snap of yourself choosing your shoes or accessories. Just like a major fashion brand might show a sneak peek of an upcoming collection, you can show a preview of an upcoming outfit post. Give readers tidbits of what’s to come on your blog to keep them engaged and excited.

  5. Special offers

    Are you partnering with a brand to offer discounts or other gifts to your readers? Snapchat is a great platform to do so, as evidenced by ASOS. Invite your followers to screenshot your snapchats to save the code for later use.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or a newbie, use these lessons from fashion brands to harness Snapchat’s authentic and fun storytelling features—and prove not everything needs to be perfect 24/7.

Editor's note: ideas are great, but executing is key! If you're still confused by Snapchat's clunky interface, stay tuned for our step-by-step how-to next Wednesday!

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