How to Be the Best Coaching Client

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This past month, I’ve shared with you the benefits of coaching and how you can ensure success as a fashion blogger by hiring one. We went over what to look for in an ideal coach and which type of coaches to avoid. We also talked about preparing effectively for your coaching sessions.

Just as you want to have the best coach ever, you also want to be the greatest client your coach has ever had. That way, it’s a win-win situation, and everyone is benefiting from a very smooth, pleasant experience. Here’s a short list of things you can do that will help you create good coaching client habits:

  1. Be proactive.

    You hired a coach to learn from them and their experience. And the best way to learn is by doing. Follow every suggestion and instruction given by your coach and be consistent with reporting back your results, feelings, and thoughts on every change you implement. Your coach needs to know where you’re at to figure out where you should go next. The more proactive you are, the more you’ll learn skills that you can implement long after your coaching is over.

  2. Be prepared.

    Preparation goes both ways; make sure you come prepared to each session. Follow any requests your coach has previously made. Bring a list of questions and thoughts regarding where your blog is at right now and where you want it to be. Write down the results of the last session and what you have implemented since then, and share your notes with your coach. Coaching sessions are more productive when both parties are prepared and ready to go, so help your coach help you.

  3. Participate.

    It's a coaching session, not a lecture. Be interactive during your session instead of just sitting and listening to what your coach has to say. Don’t be scared to ask questions, voice your opinions, and share your ideas. Two minds are better than one, and you never know when they can help you turn a good idea to a great one.

  4. Follow through.

    Always do what you've said you will do. If, during the coaching session, you said that you'd implement a strategy that your coach suggested, make sure you do it! You’re getting coached to learn how to be a better blogger and businesswoman, and as we stated before, the best way to learn is by doing. Think about it this way—how would you feel if your coach didn’t follow through?

And just in case you're still not convinced, here are a few reasons why investing in coaching is a great idea

  • An increase in confidence. Once you get the ball rolling and feel good about what you’re doing, it’ll be easier to keep going. Plus, attitude is everything. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals.
  • The ability to see yourself more clearly, including strengths and weaknesses. This is a good virtue to have in every aspect of your life and will serve you greatly in managing and solving issues with your blog, business, and personal life.
  • It gives you a “road map” that is no longer based on your own trial-and-error, but on your coach’s proven experience. Your coach, should you take the right steps towards choosing one, knows what she's doing, and can better guide you towards where you want to be.
  • New networking connections. Networking is everything in every field, and this is especially true in the blogosphere, as well as the fashion industry. Through your coach, not only do you now know a great industry professional, but you will also meet plenty of other great people through their colleagues and clients.
  • More visibility in your niche. Become a success story for your coach, and you can get quite a bit of exposure. Not only will your coach help you become more visible as a result of your success, but you will gain visibility by becoming their success.
  • A paradigm shift that will vault you many levels ahead of where you would be if you had kept struggling on alone. The lessons you learn from a great coach will be lessons you can implement in any area of your life, and you will see the difference it makes on your life as a whole.
  • More accountability. Having someone to answer to is one of the main ways that coaching delivers success. If you choose not to take an action or implement a suggestion, you are going to have to explain this decision to your coach at your next session, which is a great motivation to stay on task.
  • More positive energy. Coaches are positive people who focus on what you can do instead of berating you for what you can’t or haven’t done. There is nothing like a “this will happen” attitude to fill you with hope and energy, and the best coaches are there for exactly that.
  • Measurable, positive return on your investment.  Studies have consistently shown that people who invest in coaching make more money in a shorter time frame than those who don’t. While coaching may seem like a dent in your pocket at first, it will more than justify itself quite quickly in terms of monetary results.

If you take the steps necessary to prepare for sessions and implement suggestions, you should be able to easily earn back what you’ve invested—and then go on to earn even more than you would have without a coach.

You will find that almost every single successful expert in your niche (and every successful coach) has benefited from coaching too—and it might surprise you who among the top figures in your field still works with a coach.

In fact, you should be prepared to hire several different coaches at every stage of your business life. But once you’ve gone through a successful coaching experience, you won’t need a guide to point that out!

Here’s to your coaching experience success!

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