5 Things Bloggers Must Do Before Attending New York Fashion Week

The following is a guest post from Kosta Karakashyan, founder of Cool Gear Cavalier


You’ve finally done it. You’ve marked down the events in your calendar, sent out your RSVPs, arranged your travel and accommodations and chosen your outfits. You’re ready for fashion week! But before getting too lost in the fun and glamor of it all, it’s worth your time to stop and make a plan for how exactly you’re going to tackle the week. Here are a few things to think about:

Pinpoint Location & Time

Make sure you know the exact location and time of every show you’re attending. Last week at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, it wasn’t enough to just know the street address. Once at the venue, there were elevators, hallways and staircases to navigate for each show. Everyone will be busy running around with their own concerns, so you might have to find things on your own.

Plan ample time for travel, mingling and finding the exact entrance. A bonus to arriving early is that even if you have a standing room invite, you may end up snagging a front row seat! If you see empty seats right before show time, ask one of the attendants if they can seat you.

Nail Your Street Style

When planning your outfits, don’t forget you’ll be wearing a coat most of the time this season. Shoes and accessories should be the main focal points of your looks if you want to stand out. As silly as you might feel, practice several poses in the mirror before heading out so that you can change things up—you may be posing for more than 30 photographers.

If someone is taking lots of snaps of you, take a moment to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation with the photographer. Give them your business card and politely ask them to send you the photos. Many photographers are freelancing and will be more than happy to chat and and follow up. After all, if you post the photos and give them a byline, it's more exposure for them.

Plan Your Photography

How will you document the show? Are you bringing a DSLR to take pictures and stand in the photographers’ pit? Do you want to sit front row and enjoy the show? Are you going to broadcast on Snapchat?

All of these strategies have their benefits, but it’s important to have a game plan before the first models stomp onto the runway. That way you won’t feel like you’re missing out by either watching or taking pics. It’s also worth sending an email to ask for press photos post-show if you didn’t end up capturing your favorite look.

Write Immediately

Make sure you start writing up your fashion week reviews or impressions as soon as possible after the shows. Your writing will be much more interesting and vivid if you talk about the atmosphere and attitude of the show as you experienced it, rather than trying to recall things from a video three weeks later. Sometimes it’s enough to scribble a few words or phrases just after the show that you can use to develop a post later.

Make sure you save the program as it will list details about the casting, music, shoes and other features that you might not find later online. Your readers are interested in a behind-the-scenes look that they can’t get from the official photos and videos, so don’t be afraid to share your personal impressions.

Build Brand Relationships

After you attend a show and write it up on your blog, make a habit of tagging the brand on your social media outlets and forwarding your post to the PR contact who sent you the invitation. They may share your content and drive traffic to you, and in return, the PR office has coverage that they can present to the brand.

Writing about a brand’s runway show is a great way to introduce yourself to them and to initiate contact about other collaborations or projects you may want to do with them. As always, be professional and polite when working with PR contacts and brands, and don’t forget to highlight what makes you and your content unique.

For more ideas on how to do fashion week right, check out this article for our writer's take on all the changes implemented at NYFW last season.

Did these tips help? Do you have any of your own ideas for successfully covering fashion week on your blog? Let us know below!

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