3 Easy, Last-Minute Ways to Love Your Readers This Valentine’s Day

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It's (almost) Valentine's Day in the U.S., and while it might be a made-up holiday, it IS a good opportunity to take a break and show some love to yourself and everyone around you—including your readers. If you're still looking for a way to address this chocolate and heart-filled holiday, we've got you covered:


The most important and effective way to love your readers is to engage with them. Taking the time when someone leaves a thoughtful comment to reply back with one of your own is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your readers as a blogger.

Without our readers, where would we be? Sometimes it’s easy to “forget” our readers while we’re busy working with advertisers, PR companies, affiliates, and writing posts. Get back in touch and show that you truly appreciate them by always replying to comments, or at least engaging with them in the comments section if there are too many to reply to one-by-one. This means a lot more than you might think.

Answering reader questions is also a great way to engage. Many bloggers take email questions and post responses as blog posts, or you could do an open post and encourage readers to leave comments and ask questions of each other.

Finally, send emails to your most prolific commenters and say “thank you”—they will appreciate a personal note recognizing their loyalty and the time it takes them to leave comments on your blog. Who knows, you may even make a new friend.


I do giveaways both when they're both sponsored by brands and when they're not. Sometimes I'll give away things I’ve received from brands that I can’t use or didn’t ask for, but are still cool. I pass them on to my readers as a way to appreciate them. In this case, you take on the responsibility and expense of sending the item out yourself and you’re not compensated for it. (If you work with a brand to sponsor a giveaway, they should take care of sending the item directly to the winner, and there should be clear expectations of what you're responsible for up front.)

But it's quick and easy enough to come up with your own giveaway and spring for the shipping in honor of V-day.

Visit, Comment & Link

Many of our readers aren’t also bloggers, but if they are, visiting their sites and commenting or linking to them will go a long way towards showing them love for visiting YOUR blog. Think about how much comments mean to you, and know that it will mean just as much to your reader that you thought enough to engage with them in THEIR space.

For more ideas on how to cover Valentine's Day on your blog, click here!

How are you showing the love this Valentine's Day? What are some ways you tell your readers you love them on your blog?

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