You Can Now Score Brand Campaigns Through Bloglovin’

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Bloglovin announced this week that it’s now an influencer network that plays matchmaker between bloggers and brands. In other words, Bloglovin' can now directly help you make money.

The site acquired Sverve—already a popular influencer network— integrated the platform and rebranded it Activate by Bloglovin’.

You can sign up for Activate here. Connect your social profiles as well as your Google Analytics to get matched up with brands that seem like a good fit for your blog. Based on all your stats, Activate will give you a score out of 100, which is a unique measure of your influence. Here’s how they say they measure and use the number:

Activate collects blog statistics from both influencers and third parties. Influencers provide their blog statistics on Activate. We provide metrics from industry standard third-parties such as Compete, Alexa, and Google Analytics to help form the most accurate statistics.

We give our brands the most information on each influencer that third parties currently provide – by comparing different sources, you can formulate the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of each influencer.

All social media statistics (except for Pinterest) are pulled directly from the social channel itself.

If you were already using Sverve, change is always a bit challenging, but we're imagining your money-making capabilities will only increase with Bloglovin's huge network and brand involved. You can continue to use it as you did, but your login will be here. If you had a Sverve badge on your site, it will now (or soon) reflect Activate by Bloglovin’ imagery. Sverve’s “tips” capability had been removed, but tips you’ve already shared will still live on your profile.

Going forward, new blog posts will automatically appear on Bloglovin’ and you can follow other bloggers from the platform as well. Check out this blog post for more details.

Do you plan to sign up for Activate? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Raivyn dK

    I’ve signed up and it’s just fine. Cool idea 🙂 There are only a few brand campaigns available at the moment, but hopefully it picks up. Thanks for sharing 😉

    – K