Snapchat Tricks That Fashion Bloggers Will Love

Now that we've covered the basics of Snapchat, it's time to dig a little deeper. Turns out there are lots of little hidden tricks—mostly discovered by teenagers, naturally—that can help give your snaps a little more oomph.

Want get creative with filters? Use and old lens that's no longer visible (to mortal Snapchatters)? Or maybe you want to share more intriguing details about your lunch than that one little line of text Snapchat typically allows? We've got you covered on those fronts and more! Get ready to amaze your friends and fellow fashion bloggers with your Snapchat know-how.

1. Add extra text.

Because teenagers are THAT obsessed wth Snapchat, they somehow figured out that you can use the Notes app to get around the character limitation in a Snapchat caption. Lucky for you it means you can fully describe the elements of your outfit in great detail. Simply select a blank section in Notes and copy it to your clipboard. Then, after you've recorded a snap, paste into text field and type away.

2. Use travel mode to conserve data.

Snapchat is a battery and data hog, but by using the apps “travel mode,” you can conserve both: travel mode. Snaps and stories won't downloading automatically in travel mode—you can wait until you're connected to WiFi to view them. In the app's settings, and find the “Additional Services” menu and select “Manage” to turn on or off travel mode.

3. Access old, no longer available lenses.

Miss the days when you could make yourself puke rainbows or have a demon face? Even though those lenses aren't technically available anymore, you can get them back by changing the date on your mobile device.

On iOS, go to Settings —> General —> Date & Time and turn off “set automatically.” On Android, go to Settings —> Date & Time and uncheck “automatic date and time.”

Then, choose a long-ago date for the first-ever lenses. Or, if you want other lenses, choose a date when they were available. The close out of Snapchat, open it back up and voila.

Check out this teen's step-by-step:

You probably don't want to leave your phone on the wrong date for too long, or it could mess with all sorts of things, so when you're finished snapping, change the time back to automatic.

4. Give your snap a playful tint

This one blew my mind: you can use an emoji to give your snap a colorful sheen. Choose an emoji of the color you're interested in, then make it so large (by expanding with two fingers) that it covers the entire screen. Move it around until a transparent edge of the emoji allows your image or video to peek through. You can even layer emojis for a more interesting and really creative effect. Check out this awesome tutorial for tips:

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What are your favorite Snapchat hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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