Fashion Bloggers Making News: Things Only Bloggers Know; $800 Hoodies; T-Rex Hands; More!

Screenshot 2016-03-28 12.48.31

  • Canadian fashion blogger Sonya Esman makes Victoria's Secret's ‘What Is Sexy' list: Huffington Post Canada
  • Crystalin Marie gives a tour of San Francisco: Bustle
  • 9 things you only know if you're a fashion blogger: Marie Claire
  • 5 fashion bloggers you need to know about now: Examiner
  • Bloggers and celebs are paying $800 for this hoodie: NY Post
  • Freddie Harrel gets (almost) naked all for StyleLikeU: Huffington Post
  • T-rex hands is the new duckface: Times of India
  • The social media stars redefining celebrity: Independent
  • A chat with Chiara: Daily Mail
  • 10 steps to becoming a blogger: Huffington Post
  • Korean beauty blogger transforms herself into Taylor Swift: Refinery 29



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