Keep Calm and Don’t Turn on Instagram Notifications

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As we all wait for the undisclosed day when Instagram will change our feeds into algorithm-driven outputs, users have fallen into chaos and panic. Brands are urging their followers to turn on notifications so you'll get a message each time they post something, which is a terrible idea.

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Somehow a rumor has gotten around that the change is happening today, but Instagram has confirmed by Twitter (ironic?) that that the change will happen in the coming months and that users will get a heads up beforehand.

Regardless, yesterday and this morning many Igers took to their feed to beg followers to turn on notifications. All we can say is: Ugh. No more notification on our phones, please. And judging by the response that tactic is getting, we suggest you guys don't jump on the “turn on notifications” bandwagon.

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Buzzfeed, of course, has an entire post of these.

Instead of trying to get people to turn on notifications—which will likely end in them unfollowing you because of too many notifications—it's a better idea to engage with and like the Instagram accounts you enjoy—and encourage your followers to do the same—since Instagram says it will use your activity tailor your feed.

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The Instagram blog says the algorithm will even detect how long you linger on a certain account, so what you see won't be based solely on what you've liked. And also remember that your new feed won't hide any posts, it will simply reorder them. Bottom line: don't panic. And maybe invest a little more time in Snapchat.

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9 Responses

  1. Santa

    Amen! I so agree with your post, the order how I will see posts is not that important, as I sometimes take time and visit specific accounts to see all last posts from them. Everything changes – we just need to stay calm and get used to it 🙂

  2. Ana

    Yeah, until Snapchat changes something, it will happen eventually, ya know.

  3. Zuma

    Thank you Kristen for this post!!! I understand that after FB made businesses practically invisible unless they pay (or engage their followers), everyone panicked about their Instagram accounts. But this is a new way of life I think, and this will start happening to all social media channels, and we better get used to it and concentrate on figuring out how to make our pages so amazing and engaging (agh, easier said than done!). xoxo Zuma

  4. dahi k.

    thank you! i have never seen it this way. i have to admit that i also asked my readers to turn on post notifications. i will delete that post straight away …


  5. Ann Krembs

    Thank you for this post! I was weary of even telling my followers to do anything like that. I mean I want likes–not guarantees. I was so surprised when even some of the top bloggers were asking for me to turn on my notifications for them! Ya right. I tend to visit people in my feed rather than scrolling through my feed. Doesn’t anyone else use it this way too? I guess unless I followed like a hundred or something, I’d then use the feed, but following over 500 means my feed is quite saturated. That’s why when I’m in the mood for X I go see her, and X , and X and X, and so on. Even _heartIFB! I just go straight to your feed and like away! 😀

    Love, Ann @krembdelakremb ;D