IFB Member Spotlight: Austin Blogger Victoria Orzech’s Take on Boho Style


WHO: Victoria Orzech

WHAT: Fashion Avenue East

WHERE: Austin, TX

Austin-based Victoria Orzech enthusiastically shares her passion for fashion and styling on her blog Fashion Avenue East. Vee (as she likes to be called) blames her shopping addiction on her mother and grandmothers. The 24-year-old says she learned how to express herself through her style early on in life and is a firm believer that to be fabulous, one must be fierce.

After picking up numerous tips and tricks from working in the fashion industry she decided to share her knowledge with the world. Read her interview below to learn about her cool day job, get her awesome tips on choosing a blog name, find out which fashion icon she'd like to have drinks with and more!

  1. When and why did you start your blog?
    “I began Fashion Avenue East in June 2015. I have actually been blogging off and on since 2010, but decided I wanted to pursue a professional blog last summer. I have always had a love for all things fashion, and I love giving styling advice. I wanted to share my knowledge on the industry, and give my opinion on the latest trends. Most importantly, I started Fashion Avenue East with hopes to inspire women with their personal style, and dress with confidence.”
  1. How did you come up with the name?
    “Coming up with the name ‘Fashion Avenue East' was the most challenging part of starting my blog. Previously, I had gone under the blogging names “Sassy n' Stylin,” “Simply Vee,” and “Fabulously Vee.” None of them really stuck, and I wanted a name that described my page was about fashion. Hence, ‘Fashion Avenue.' The ‘East' was actually inspired by one of my favorite shows with great style, Gossip Girl. They lived on the Upper East Side, and I felt ‘East’ flowed well with ‘Fashion Avenue.'”


  1. Do you blog full time or do you also have a day job?
    “Currently, I blog part-time, and work a full time day job as an assistant buyer at a home shopping television channel in Austin, TX. Although writing is one of my passions, and I do hope to be blessed with the opportunity to blog full time one day! “
  1. How do you manage to fit blogging into your schedule?
    “Sometimes fitting blogging into my schedule can be difficult, especially since I am trying to grow my audience. Between social media and creating killer content for the blog, I am always working on something towards elevating Fashion Avenue East. Even if it means writing on my lunch breaks, or while I am on the treadmill. Although it takes a lot of time, blogging/writing is fun for me and I love doing it, so I can always make time for something I enjoy.”
  1. How did you first become interested in fashion?
    “Ever since I can remember I have loved clothes, accessories, and jewelry. I suppose you can say I inherited that trait from my loving mama. When I was a baby my mom would set me down with a suitcase full of scarves, and I would play with them. I believe my true passion for fashion began when I opened my very first Teen Vogue magazine when I was about 12 or 13. From that point on I was obsessed, and suddenly my world revolved around fashion.”
  1. How would you describe your style?
    “I would describe my style as edgy/boho chic. I love my crochet tops, peasant blouses, fringe, tribal jewelry, and flares. However, I also love leather and an all black ensemble. I dress based on my mood, so that typically determines my style for the day.”


  1. What are some of your favorite trends of the moment?
    “Denim pencil skirts are perfect to wear to work with an embellished top, and transition into a happy hour look by tossing on a crop top. Rompers with plunging necklines—I have always had a thing for rompers because they are simple to wear, comfortable, and look fabulous. I especially love how long sleeve rompers with plunging necklines are trending right now. And anything off the shoulder—I love showing off my shoulders, and I love the boho vibe off-the-shoulder tops give. To me, showing off your shoulders is a way to dress effortlessly sexy.
  1. Where is your favorite place to shop right now?
    “I shop just about anywhere and everywhere. A few of my favorite stores in Austin are kiki nass, Luxe Apothetique, Maya*, Beehive, and Nordstrom. If I am shopping online I always head to Tobi.com or Nasty Gal.”


  1. Do you have any exciting projects or plans coming up?
    “Currently, I have a lot of big and exciting plans for my blog! I am also planning a big move to Los Angeles in April. It has always been a dream of mine to move to LA, and I am finally pursuing my dream. So, stay tuned on my blog for more details on my adventure!”
  1. Are you monetizing your blog? If so, what do you find works best for you?
    “I recently began monetizing my blog by placing ads on my page, as well as using ShopStyle Collective. However, I am still trying to build my audience, so I do not expect a large income at the moment.”
  1. What would you say makes your blog stand out from all the others?
    “I feel Fashion Avenue East stands out from other blogs because it is more than photos of my personal style. In each post I try to write about various ways to wear a trend or specific piece of clothing for various styles; not just the way I would personally wear it. I also try to write on various topics that may be occurring on the fashion scene.”


  1. If you could describe the look and feel of your blog in one word, what would it be?
    “I would describe the look and feel of Fashion Avenue East as ‘stylish'.”
  1. What fashion blogger, designer, or icon would you most like to have a drink with?
    “There are so many talented bloggers and designers in the industry today, so this is a very tough choice. Can I just have a party with all of the fabulous people I adore most from the fashion world?! If I could only choose one person, I would have to have a drink with Iris Apfel. She is my all time fashion icon. I love her attitude towards life, and I adore her style. She inspires me to be bold and fearless with my style, and reminds me to have fun when it comes to dressing! After drinks I would have to ask her to show me her closet and jewelry collection!” 

[Photos by Kelsey Butler]

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