How to Not Look Like a Music Festival Cliche

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With one weekend of Coachella down and one more coming up, we'll be inundated with bajillions of street style galleries featuring musicians, celebs, and, of course, fashion bloggers. Have you noticed yet that they all tend to look the same? Fringe, feathers, moccasins—we get it. Plus, as the Washington Post wrote yesterday, your same-old festival outfit is really just a sell-out to the man.

You already know that if you want to get noticed by street-style photos, you've got to stand out from the crowd. So instead of joining the Halloween party where everyone's wearing the same costume, wear something unique, but still festival appropriate. All it takes is a little thinking outside the fringe.

Here are some ideas to get you started building a festival outfit that's functional, stylish, and totally you.

  1. Wear functional, fringe-light pockets.

    Think a little more Mad Max and a less Woodstock.

    Screenshot 2016-04-19 08.29.21
    This vintage leather Courreges bum bag is just the thing.

    Or try this Chanel-esque quilted version.

  2. Swap a vest for a bag.

    A military-inspired or leather vest can provide enough pockets to forgo a bag altogether. And it looks rad layered over a dress or a tee and cutoffs.

    This Sanctuary Canyon 4-pocket vest is desert-ready.

    The Kooples cargo pocket vest is lightweight enough for steamy summer fests.

  3. Don a duster in a surprising fabric.

    Screenshot 2016-04-19 10.48.28
    Photo via Ace & Jig on Instagram
    Ace & Jig creates their own hand-woven fabric for the best dusters (and dresses, jumpsuit and pants, too!).

    Screenshot 2016-04-19 10.52.06

    Photo via Level 99 Jeans on Instagram
    A billowy denim duster = fest perfection on Kylie (and you).

  4. Swap sandals for sneaks.

    Everyone will be wearing strappy moccasin-style sandals, but their feet are going to get hecka dirty and probably sore. Instead, choose a pair of sneaks. Super trendy at the moment, yes, but unexpected in a bright, fun color.
    Screenshot 2016-04-19 10.57.50
    Stan Smith lace-ups in red
    will grab any photographer's attention.
    stella cropped lilac sneaksLilac Stella McCartney tennies? Yes, please.

[Top photo via Lusttforlife on Instagram]





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