Beyond Gift Guides: Four Mother’s Day Post Ideas That Will Connect With Your Readers

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is sneaking up fast! If you haven't already scheduled a post to celebrate mom, here are some quick ideas—that are not gift guides—that can help you celebrate the moms in your lives.

Readers love your personal stories, so take a trip down memory lane and share some of your favorite moments with mom, whether your “mom” happens to be the person who gave birth to you, an aunt, a grandmother—or perhaps your mom was actually a dad who played dual roles.

Whatever made your mom special, your story is sure to resonate with readers, and it will help them get to know you better. Here are a few idea starters to get your creativity flowing.

1. Mom's best outfit

2. Favorite childhood dress up memory

Oh haaaaay.

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Do you have happy memories of dressing up in mom's shoes, tops as dresses, hats and scarves? Even better, do you have an adorable photo of yourself doing so? Share your memories of the joy this brought you, and how you now appreciate mom for indulging you—even as you threatened to put her favorite blouse out of commission.

3. Mom's style advice

Was your mom a fashion maven? Even it she wasn't, did she have some advice for getting dressed that you carry with you to this day? Write it up. Your readers will love it and so will your mom.

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In the '70s, my mom used to get dressed up to go out with her girlfriends in something she called “party pajamas.” Anyone else remember this trend? Perhaps it was just a rural Pennsylvania thing, but it's one of the strongest memories I have of my mom's sartorial life. They were black and silky and obviously incredibly comfortable. Perhaps Gloria would remember.

4. Best DIY beauty moment

My three-year-old-daughter recently emerged from my bedroom with a Frida Kahlo unibrow applied using mascara. It was one part terrifying, one part hilarious, and of course I took a photo with which to blackmail her wth as a teenager. If your mom did the same, I'm guessing enough time has passed that you can laugh about it now. Or maybe, like me, you have your own child who surprised you with a full face of makeup. Share your story!

How are you celebrating Mother's Day on your blog? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Adam

    Mother’s day gift is what we are looking forward this weekend. Going back to the childhood days with mom is the greatest gift that we can give her on the day. A family together is what we are looking for.