Evergreen Content: The Little Black Dress of Blogging


Evergreen content for fashion bloggers

The world of fashion is dominated by all things new. Newest trends, new fashion lines, new ways to make old styles work. Yet then there are those classic looks that never die. They are always in fashion, and always a safe bet., – In blog terms, that’s called Evergreen Content.

Evergreen content simply means a blog post that isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s the LBD of fashion blogging, always classic. And there are a million ways to make these pieces work, it's all in how you spin it. Just as any closet is incomplete without those staple items, so is a blog without content that can live on and not just recap the latest trends or news stories, no matter how much we may love them.

Evergreen content, in terms of digital marketing, has a long shelf life. It’s a post that is written about a topic that is unlikely to change much overtime. Think of content like “Finding your Personal Style” or “The best shoe stores in your city”. While these may change slightly, the content is likely to be relevant for years to your audience. These posts are also typically gateway posts to your blog. They can easily be used for advertising purposes and bring new visitors into the site. An evergreen post can show your true blogging-voice more than other style-themed posts and help you to build a long-term audience.

For any blogger trying to grow and sustain their site traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is a key piece of the blogging puzzle. Evergreen content plays a major role in SEO as these posts are going to be relevant to search queries again and again. They’re more likely to gain links from fellow bloggers which gives you another SEO boost. Plus with any trending topic, you’ll have fewer competition for these posts compared to fashion news where you’ll have to share organic search space with many other fashion bloggers. Even here at IFB, some of our best trafficked posts to date are years old, but covered a topic that is still relevant to bloggers today (such as how to create a media kit)! An evergreen post may take longer to write and a little bit of creativity, but can pay off in the long-run.

At IFB, we try and find a balance of what’s new, what’s important to our audience right now, and what is going to be true and important over the next 2-3 years. Those latter posts are our evergreen content, and we try and create 1-2 a month. Write them well the first time, but revisit them every 6-12 months and make sure they’re updated and still relevant. Google actually loves it when you go back and update those older, but popular, posts. It shows you care about your content and that you’re keeping it relevant to the Google audience. It’s becoming standard practice to even add a little “Updated on…” note at the top or bottom of your post so people know that the info is current or not (because when it was published may be far less important as when it was updated).
Again, not all of your posts need to be like this, but we highly recommend having a few of these posts in your blog calendar.

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Kim earned her analytics chops at digital marketing agencies in Portland, Oregon, and her fashion chops as a teen navigating the preppy ’90s and now as an editor for IFB. Fortunately for the gems in her closet, wrangling the marketing and analytics for multiple websites doesn’t keep Kim behind the computer—she’s spoken at conferences as international asSimply Stylist NYC and as homegrown as Tiny Startup Camp. Her love of design translates to her home renovation projects. And when she’s not doing any of that, she’s chasing a two-year old, a husband, and a dog or drinking Oregon’s best coffee and wine. Actually, sometimes all of those things happen simultaneously.

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3 Responses

  1. Lauren Tanaka

    This is such a great post and something we always seem to forget about! As a fashion blogger I’m always looking for the next best thing, but sometimes it’s the LBD posts that you should be writing. Love that analogy! 🙂 I just wrote a blog post that is “somewhat” Evergreen called “How Fashion Bloggers are Changing the Way We View Fashion”. I suspect that I’ll probably have to change this in the next 6-12 months but at least it has some legs to repurpose/re-post every few months or so. Thanks for the great article Kim!

  2. Dolna

    Absolutely agree Kim, great points. I have never consciously planned to create evergreen content, until I have realised that there are posts that simply rank amazing on Google and have the most visitors, although they are few years old now. Updating them is very important, it looks terrible when affiliate links are expired and blank.. I went even a bit further and have changed few images as time went by cause I simply had much better ones later on. x

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