Links à la Mode, May 26

LALM MAY26 Take2

I love a community. As I write this I can hear a friendly banter between my postman and my boisterous neighbor. It makes me smile. I love this IFB community. I enjoy catching glimpses of  you all interacting with one another through various modes. Often sharing knowledge, giving accolades where it’s due, and linking up all on your own. It’s the humanity. The seemingly small interactions and kindnesses that make me feel more optimistic about the day.

Thoughts on a certain music icon go beyond fashion and touch on his social reverberations. However, it's probably the fashion that caught our attention in the first place. The trends that IFB bloggers were showing off this week may not seem like trends at a glance but it’s how they are put together. Chambray not only on the top but on the bottom too. Can we just all agree that this is a wardrobe essential now? Also, white on white and then some more white with stripes or a tropical print will get you through this Summer.

I’m certainly an onlooker in this fashion blogging world of yours, but you can be sure I am cheering from the sidelines. I don’t expect everyone to submit to LALM on the weekly, and truth be told, I’m relieved that everyone doesn’t–I would be reading for days! But… I do miss you when you’re gone.

Links à la Mode, May 26

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  2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code. (Note – we’ve changed where we are leaving the code, and hopefully this is easier for you to insert into your site.)

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