Member Spotlight: Alexandra Nicole’s Memphis Empire


WHO: Alexandra Scharff

WHAT: City Chic Living

WHERE: Memphis, TN

To say that Alexandra Nicole is an entrepreneur is an understatement. She's seriously some kind of Super Woman. Not only is she a wife, mother, fashion stylist and a professional makeup artist, but together with her husband they have taken Memphis by storm. With a clothing boutique empire, a makeup AND a clothing line, she is for sure a local celebrity. My favorite part is the deeper meaning to their plan to start their business ventures: “they wanted to be a part of helping renovate a piece of Memphis' almost forgotten history.”

Read the interview below to hear more about her recent projects, her favorite product from her beauty line and her advice to new bloggers.


1. Can you tell us a little about City Chic Living and when you got started ?
I am a boutique owner, The Ivory Closet and The Attic, and have my own makeup line, Adel Amor Cosmetics. I decided to start a blog, about 2 years ago, as a medium to discuss the different fashion trends that I see at market, as well as to share beauty tips.”

2. How did you you come up with the name?
“I am a city girl with chic style. The blog is a creative way to share my style and beauty ideas as a city chic girl and so the name just fits.”

3. We know you have a lot going on so how do you manage to fit blogging into your already busy schedule?
Being a mom, going to school for my masters in business, owning 2 boutiques, a makeup line, and fashion brand, as well as, managing my franchise (I have started to franchise The Ivory Closet brand), there is not a whole lot of time for any extras, but I ALWAYS make time for my blog. It’s a hobby that I love and a way to relax after a very busy work day.”

4. How did you first become interested in fashion?
I started my career as a makeup artist. Working behind the scenes of fashion shows and events sparked my interest in the fashion world. This lead me to open the boutiques and really get hands on with fashion. As of late, I have started to design jewelry and am considering drawing some apparel pieces that I would like to create with my sewing machine.”

5. How would you describe your style?
Classic Chanel with a hint of edge. 80% of my closet is all black and I ALWAYS wear gold jewelry. I tend to express my style mainly through accessories and SHOES! I LOVE SHOES! Edge comes in with my lipstick choices and jewelry pieces. I like to get a little extreme ;-)”


6. What are your favorite items at the moment?
My Chinese Laundry ankle booties, Katie Kalsi leather fringe bag, and slimming Lola Jeans.”

7. What is your favorite product in your beauty line and why?
Skin Transforming Foundation. It has anti-aging benefits so it actually treats your skin while you wear it! It gives a flawless appearance for a photo finished look.”

8. What role does social media play in your blogging life?
I mainly interact with my followers through Facebook and Instagram so I heavily value social media in my blogging life.”

9. How do you monetize your blog and your brand?
I use affiliate linking from Shop Style as well as host brand paid giveaways. I do not mainly blog about products in my store, but when I do, I will occasionally sell that item and make a profit that way as well.”

10. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Sharing ideas and learning how to work a camera. I just purchased a nice camera for my blog but have absolutely no photography training. I am currently learning from photography experts in my town and am looking for local classes.”


11. Tell us about some of the exciting projects that you've been a part of this year.
I've had several exiciting things happen recently. I did a cleanse and reported about the results as a part of my Journey to 30 series. I also hosted a jewelry giveaway for a Project Accessory/Nicolina Royale piece. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the last market I attended in Vegas and we decided to work together. She has several stars wearing her pieces with the latest being spotted on Carrie Underwood. I also did an Asbury Jeans raw denim post that I am pretty excited about. I got a pair of their jeans (made for men) in the smallest size they have and wore them to create my own custom distressed look out of them.”

12. How has blogging affected your career?
It has helped me to network and meet really cool people in the fashion and beauty industry all over the world.”

13. What advice would you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?
Don’t compare yourself to fellow fashion bloggers. It is easy to lose the excitement in writing and posting when you are comparing yourself to someone with 30,000 followers. Just be real and enjoy what you do and the followers will come!”

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