Member Spotlight: Kim Tuttle


WHO: Kim Tuttle

WHAT: The Knotted Chain

WHERE: New Jersey

On the surface, The Knotted Chain looks like all the other cute girl blogs out there. However, Kim’s main goal is to inspire your daily outfits through her posts. Not only does she love shopping, but she loves sharing where she’s gotten her latest favorites. On top of blogging Kim is an accountant and for the last few years was a part time student working on her MBA. This girl is proof that if we really put our minds to it and persevere we can achieve anything.

Read her interview to find out what her #1 styling tip is, her favorite blogs to read, her fashion icons and her advice to aspiring bloggers.


  1. Can you tell us how your blog got started?
    I started my blog almost three years ago after being inspired by other bloggers who had as much of a passion for clothing and style as I did. I decided to have enough courage to have a go at my own blog, and I’ve been developing it ever since. I was also looking for a creative outlet from my everyday accounting job and the blog does just that.”
  1. How did you come up with the name?
    I always say I’m really not the best at naming things. With my blog name I was looking for something that was unique and not generically fashion titled. I was obsessing over jewelry at the time and decided that a knot in a chain represents a person who takes risks and isn’t afraid to be unique, which I thought related to my personal style.”
  1. How do you fit blogging into your schedule?
    I make it a priority to be in my schedule. The past three years I managed my full-time job and going to school part-time online for my MBA so fitting a blog in was a challenge. I would shoot all of my looks Saturday morning and then edit the posts throughout the weeknight evenings. The blog has always been a true passion so it’s something I always look forward to making time for.”
  1. How did you first become interested in fashion?
    This is a tricky question because I don’t remember exactly since fashion and clothing have always been things I paid close attention to and really enjoyed. Most definitely as I got older and developed my style as well as taking in a larger income, I was able to pursue this passion further and experiment with different looks and pieces.”
  1. How would you describe your style?
    My style is a mix of trendy and practical. I have always been a trend follower and I wear pieces I feel confident in (if I don’t, it’s a trend I will skip), but I like to put my own personal touch on it. I think it’s so cool that a million girls could wear the same platform heels but style them completely different. That’s what truly separates fashion from style.”


  1. What do you draw inspiration from?
    I mostly get inspiration from Instagram and other social media platforms. I follow a lot of bloggers and street style stars. If I see something that inspires me, such as an off the shoulder look, I’ll use that inspiration to create my own look by adding my personal style to it.”
  1. What is your #1 styling tip?
    Confidence. It’s something that when worn well, changes your whole appearance. Be confident in yourself and what you put on your body and that is all you need. Also, a really great pair of shoes doesn’t hurt either.”
  1. What are some of your favorite blogs to read (fashion or otherwise)?
    “I love discovering new blogs but also keeping up with veteran bloggers because it’s so interesting to follow as they grow in their careers and style. From the get-go I've been a fan of We Wore What, Sincerely Jules and Something Navy. Other bloggers I follow are Thrifts and Threads, Pink Peonies and Forage Fashion.”  
  1. Which social media platform drives the most traffic back to your blog?
    I would say that Lookbook seems to drive a lot of traffic social media wise, and of course Instagram. Also, linking up with other bloggers via link parties or just interacting with them is a great way to drive traffic.”


  1. Do you monetize your blog/brand?
    I do. I am a RewardStyle affiliate. I also have had some sponsored posts and collaborations on my blog. However, I will only monetize or have my brand sponsored if I feel that it generally fits with my brand identity and is something that I like and/or use. I would never take a product or sponsorship that I wouldn’t purchase or use personally. I feel that is misleading and dishonest.”
  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
    Putting together outfits and styling different looks. A better part of my day is spent behind a desk at my office job so the blog really gives me a chance to display my personal style and newest pieces. Plus I love sharing where I got a piece or got a great deal with people who are just as passionate about shopping as I am.”
  1. What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
    To those aspiring out there, go for it! Work hard, be kind and be humble. Stay true to yourself and your style and don’t let any hurtful comments change you or your path. And always invest in a really great handbag, you won’t regret it.”
  1. What famous fashion icon would you grab a drink with?
    It’d be pretty cool to grab a coffee with the Olsen twins. I’ve always been a fan of their looks. I’m sure they could give me some really good style pointers.”


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  1. Elizabeth

    I shall be checking out her blog. I’m glad it sets itself apart from the other fashion blogs out there.

  2. Nessa

    Great post. As above you mentioned two pictures with the combination of black and white, In which Looking gorgeous… 🙂