Member Spotlight: Taryn Newton


WHO: Taryn Newton

WHAT: Glamorous Versatility

WHERE: Dallas, TX

As a wife, a mom and an HR manager, Taryn’s many different roles don’t go unnoticed. But like the rest of us, she sometimes forgets about herself. We've all been there, I know I have. Taryn believes that what she wears affects her mood and she knows that sometimes we forget ourselves as we go about our daily lives. This is the reason Glamourous Versatility came to be. When creating her looks she always keeps in mind her busy schedule, as well as knowing what makes her feel great. With her blog she wishes to inspire other women and show them that no matter what you do in your everyday life, you can always add a little glamour to it.

Read her interview to find out her favorite blogs to read, why she loves blogging and her advice to bloggers just starting out.


1. Can you tell us a little about how Glamorous Versatility got started ?
“It got started because I love fashion. As a woman, I am often pulled in many different directions. Whether it is mom duties, wife life, or being a full-time HR Manager. I felt that it was important to show women how we can look cute for every occasion.”

2. How did you you come up with the name?
I love looking glamorous, but I have to also be flexible. My day starts at corporate America, followed by running errands, soccer practice, and then ends with a possible date night. So one has to be versatile in all looks.”


3. What are some of your favorite blogs to read (fashion or otherwise)?
“Chronicles of Frivolity and Sequins and Things.”

4. How did you first become interested in fashion?
“I have always loved fashion! I have been styling my family and friends for years.”

5. How would you describe your style?
Casual Glam.”


6. What are your favorite trends right now?
“Leopard is always a trend in my book. I am also still loving bucket bags and fringe heels.”

7. What role does social media play in your blogging life?
“I get so much inspiration from fellow bloggers, and it has also been a very helpful tool to promote my own personal blog.”


8. How do you monetize your blog and your brand?
“I just recently started partnering with Affiliate sites.”

9. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
“Expressing myself. I am a mom so sometimes we fall on the back burner. It’s nice to just have something for myself, and also to help women that may be in the same boat.”

10. What advice would you give other bloggers just starting out?
“Be consistent. Quality over quantity, which I am still trying to master.”

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