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Evergreen Content Plugin for Fashion Bloggers

We’ve discussed in the past how valuable evergreen content can be for your blog. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, creating the occasional post that is timeless can help to draw in new readers and give them a sense of who you are. Plus these posts have great organic search power as they aren’t time sensitive or uber-trendy. We’ve rounded up a few examples from some of our friends to get your gears turning:

The 5-Step Plan to Stop Overshopping for your Vacation by Stylenik

My 7 Rules of Email Etiquette by Cupcakes and Cashmere

The Secret to Thicker Braids by A Beautiful Mess

Even if you’re a style or fashion blogger, not all of your posts need to be just about your outfit. There are plenty of ways to stay true to your brand and audience and create content that will be just as relevant in 3 years as it is today. Check out some other ideas here (and still relevant even four years after it was originally published!)

Introducing the Evergreen Content Highlighter

Today we’re looking at a newly released plugin that aims to revive some of your great older posts by republishing them based on settings you choose. it's called the exclusives dashboard, and we're excited to have helped with it's development.

IFB partnered with our good friend, Daniel Bachhuber, to build this plugin. Daniel is a former employee of Automattic, who are the creators of WordPress. It’s our first effort together in what we hope will be a series of high-level plugins to help bloggers. To use this plugin, you need to be running your blog on a self-hosted WordPress installation.

In short, the plugin adds chosen articles from your archive to your website's homepage (or main blog page). This allows you to showcase your best content to your visitors regardless of when the original article was published. It also helps your site always look fresh with new content, since it'll pull new articles from your list of approved posts every time the page is loaded. This way visitors always see at least 1-2 new posts regardless of how often you publish. It saves you time from having to constantly write new articles and it helps resurface articles you've put a lot of time and effort into but are lost on your new visitors.

We also considered all the aspects of SEO when developing this plugin. As a result, the original post is left unaltered, the publish date is not changed, and you can customize a message to let your readers know that these posts are part of a “Greatest Hits” series and not fresh content. (Note: Greatest Hits is an example, you could call it whatever you want). The post is not duplicated, simply added to your current blog page at a location and frequency you define yourself. There, it'll get more reader’s eyeballs without any negative SEO impact.

Let your old posts work harder

By repurposing old content, you can free up a few days per month to work on a new project, or make your next post even greater. And chances are if you’ve been blogging for some time, you have some great content that your current readers haven’t seen. And even if you feel like you don’t have great evergreen content you could promote – have fun with it and run your own #throwbackthursday posts and share some trends from the past few years for a trip down memory lane.

The Evergreen Content Plugin is available now for $47, and is available as an immediate download. Installation and setup takes less time than finding the right shoes to go with your next date night outfit. We're offering this at an exclusive pre-launch price, so if you're interested, act now before the price increases. 

Note: If you're an IFB Pro member, you get this plugin for FREE! Visit your exclusives dashboard to download it now.

Questions for us on how to best use the plugin? Let us know. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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