The Pastel vs. Monochrome Trend

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A bloggers’ success depends on the ability to stay on top of emerging trends and be on the cutting edge of the industry. Monochrome seems to be having its fashion moment, and black and white form a perfect partnership for the spring. Yet, pastel colors have no intention of leaving the fashion stage, and still present the favorite pick of renowned designers and celebrities. So, what do bloggers have to gain by joining one trend or another? Is it possible maybe to get the best of both worlds?


The bold monochrome

It's deemed that fashion bloggers basically cannot go wrong with monochrome. This fashion’s timeless appeal is gaining momentum this season: Sleek and sophisticated, it is a darling of many high-street shops in the league of Mango, Topshop and Zara. Geometric shapes and pretty prints spark the most attention and they do all the hard work for you, meaning there is no need to bother with statement accessories.


The bold monochrome


The art of simplicity is in the essence of the monochrome allure— you do not have to worry about the colors not matching, or failing to make an impression. An all-time black and white combination is taking many exciting forms, and stripes are one of them, allowing you to achieve a seasonless look. The vertical stripes on legging are all the rage, and bold white prints on a black backdrop are the perfect choice for bloggers who like statement pieces.  


The bold monochrome 02


We have seen some great 60-inspired shift dresses, leopard-print parkas, lace peplum jackets with contrasting zip and spotty sweaters. This style is also popular as a business look, which is another strong point for bloggers. Just take the example of George’s sharp shirt, which enables you to cut a dash in the office. A black-and-white top can also do the trick at work, especially with tailored black trousers to compliment it.


The graceful pastels

Some people, however, prefer the playful cotton candy savor and delicious ice cream tones. The pastel spectrum encompasses soft hues, romantic sensations, and celebrates the spring rejuvenation and tender appearance.  The leading designers have embraced this soothing palette, paving the way for it to take over the streets, blogs and fashion shows.


The graceful pastels


Thus, this style might be a better fit for bloggers who crave to buy into current trends. To captivate the visitors, you can borrow the basic principle from the monochrome philosophy and stick with one color throughout the outfit. Then again, mixing the pastels is a way to preserve the daintiness, and give away a daring feel.  And if we had to cherry pick the most amazing pastels for bloggers, we would go for Peached Pink and Apple Mint.


The graceful pastels 02


The sugary pastels had a huge impact on previous seasons, but now the Milky Way is one to take. The subtlety of pink, paired with the fruitful attraction makes for some warmer appearance. On the other hand, the minty approach is a great way to look fresh and dressed up to the nines on the street. A delicate pale green works magic with lightweight fabric and coordinated ensembles. And if you seem to lack a bit of edge, introduce it with bright, fun accessories, and spellbind the readers with a visual symphony.

The weight of choice

Those who want to dress for success tend to opt for monochrome style, which lets you pull of the effortless chic.  These days, black and white is the hottest color combination, inspiring numerous fashion gurus to get their creative juices flowing. Still, pastel colors are the epitome of refined taste in many internet circles, and nothing screams nice weather like denim with a nice finish, a textured Dior dress, or statement sunglasses. So, ultimately, this is a matter of personal taste and choice.

The weight of choice


Whichever way they chose to follow, bloggers must never abandon the quest of providing insightful trend analysis and forecasts.


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