Links à la Mode, July 28


I wear the same wardrobe pieces over and over again. One, because they look the best on my body. Second, because they are the only pieces that fit me at the moment. Which got me thinking. I am completely satisfied with wearing only these pieces. I dress faster, and feel happy and comfortable once I am dressed. Meanwhile I have so many pieces that I rarely touch in my closet and even more folded neatly into four–FOUR–large bins in my attic. Is this just the result of my stage in life or the evolution of my perspective on clothing and fashion?

Well, several IFB bloggers showed just where and how to fill a minimal wardrobe with quality selections. Think specialty retailers that cater to specific times in life–pregnancy and aging feet. Artisans who take all the care in the world to provide beauty, function, and quality. And you, who can dedicate hours of time to see your vision through. You can do it! All in all, it comes down to becoming a smart {bargain} shopper.

Also on the radar this week, dressing like your favorite celebrity whether it be a famous pop star, the star of virtual game, or a Geisha. And I’m over here just dreaming about when my wardrobe evolves into eccentric old dame mode.

Links à la Mode, July 28

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  1. MsYoLee

    thank you for the feature! I do have a pair of chic summer slides that I am doing a giveaway with the brand (SOAK) who recently launched in Maine, MA — so please check it out. last day to enter is today Friday July 29, 2016. 🙂