5 Ways to Optimize Social Media Activity

Social media has transformed how businesses communicate with their customers.

Optimize Social Media Activity

Unless you want to be left in the dust by your competition, you need to be taking advantage of social media and looking into ways to optimize social media activity. Below are a few ways to get more from your activity on social media….

Focus on Engagement

Many companies simply post lifeless updates on their social media accounts that produce little interaction or enthusiasm from anyone. Instead, what you should be aiming for is customer engagement.You can focus on engagement by providing in depth captions, responding back to reader's comments, and even engaging with other people in your niche. According to a study, 71 percent of customers who received a direct response from a company on social media recommended that brand to others. Engagement is really valuable on social media!

Leverage Your Expertise

Social media is a tool you can harness to produce the results you want from your marketing. Use the knowledge you have gained from the classroom or your industry and apply it to your social media marketing strategies. Using the knowledge and skills obtained from a masters of business administration online is definitely a useful tool in helping you effectively use social media for advertising, market research and more.

Choose the Right Networks for Your Brand

Some companies try to maintain a presence on every social media network imaginable. While that is possible, it could lead to posting similar content across all networks that doesn’t really engage customers. One way you could try is to stick with the most popular options, such as Facebook and Twitter, which allow for the most constructive engagement and feedback. Other networks, like Instagram and Tumblr, may seem like attractive choices; however, these are used far less by companies since the users there don’t respond quite as well to content produced by businesses. At the end of the day, you know what is best for your brand. You should always go where your audience is and interact with them on those platforms.

Use a Social Media Management Platform

There are many options available that can make managing social media accounts far simpler for a business. These include platforms like Coschedule, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. These platforms can allow you to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously and perform tasks like scheduling posts. That way you can draft your updates and have them posted by the platform later for you while you’re out of the office or busy with other work.

Use Social Media for Research

Beyond being a way to advertise existing products, social media is an excellent tool to use to perform market research. Simply searching mentions of your company and products can provide you with valuable intel regarding what people think of you and how they are using your products.

Overall, in today’s business environment, using social media is pretty much required. However, try to be smart with your social media accounts and leverage them into a serious competitive advantage. You are likely to improve your relationship with your customers as well as your knowledge of your market.

What are other ways and tips that you use to maximize your potential on social media? Comment below with more advice!

Editor's Notes: This post was originally published on August 15th, 2016 and was updated on September 8th, 2017.

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  1. Gloria

    Great tips Kara!
    I’m a person who absolutely believe that engagement and community can bring great benefits. Also, I’m tool freak and what I like to recommend for optimizing social media activity is using BRAND24 application for real-time internet monitoring and analyzes. In one place you have all public mentions from all over the web relevant to your business, you can join and engage online conversations, manage online reputation, reach new audience, get new leads. It’s a very powerful and multi-purpose tool, really worth trying 🙂