Member Spotlight: Tia Alese Wong

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With an already busy work life, it’s a wonder that Tia Alese Wong keeps up with her popular style blog. As an entertainment industry talent manager AND producer with a history in the fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that this girl has a closet that even I wouldn’t mind borrowing from.
Tia is a self-professed social media lover who draws inspiration from her moods and surroundings. Her blog is as bubbly as she is and full of great outfit and beauty posts that we can all take inspiration from.

Read her interview below to catch a glimpse into the world of Tia.

  1. Can you tell us a little about how/when you started your blog?
    I first started blogging around a year after starting my hectic job in the entertainment industry. I was working crazy hours and really didn’t have much free time, but I used my blog as an outlet to relax and de-stress from the craziness from my work life. While I was on set or running around Los Angeles for meetings, girls were always asking me where my outfits were from or where they could buy them so I decided to start a blog to share my looks.

Tia Wong - Floral Maxi

  1. Do you blog full time or do you also have a day job?
    I actually blog for fun! I have a full time job running Nick Cannon’s production company, NCredible Entertainment in Los Angeles. My job is very demanding and I work long hours so I try to take my pictures before I head off to work in the mornings.
  1. What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
    When I first started my blog, my friends from Utah turned me on to two amazing bloggers who I have loved following over the years. I have been a huge fan of Rachel Parcell’s blog Pink Peonies as well as Cara Loren’s adorable blog. The fact that these amazing women have families and little ones running around, and still look flawless is so admirable!

Tia Wong - Neutral

  1. What do you draw inspiration from?
    My style is very comfortable and laid back with that California vibe. I dress based on my mood, which is always changing, so I’m always grabbing inspiration from things around me.  Obviously social media plays a huge part in today’s world of blogging and I actually love it. I follow some amazing bloggers on Instagram and love seeing their take on a piece of clothing that I also own and see how they styled it.
  1. Who's your favorite fashion designer or brand?
    This is probably one of the hardest questions because I have way too many fashion designers and brands that I love and can’t even choose my favorite.

Tia Wong- missguided

  1. What role does social media play in your blogging life?
    I love social media! It’s allowed me to connect with so many bloggers as well as meet some amazing young women who follow my blog. I am a total Instagram addict and spend hours obsessing over brands and blogger’s pages. Pinterest is also another place I love to draw inspiration from. You’re able to grab so much in one spot and so quickly.
  1. Do you monetize your blog/brand?
    I’ve been monetizing my blog for a few years now through affiliate links and am a huge fan of Rewardstyle and especially their amazing for Instagram.

Tia Wong- Dusty Rose bodysuit

  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
    My favorite part about blogging is connecting with so many amazing people through it. I also love when new brands reach out to work with me because I’m able to meet new amazing emerging brands.
  1. Can you share about any exciting upcoming projects or travel plans?
    I am working on some fun collaborations for later this year! I'm also finally getting around to filming some hair tutorials that people have been requesting for some time now.
  1. What famous fashion icon would you like to grab a drink with?
    I couldn’t pick just one, so my top two would be Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe. These are two fashion icons I’ve always admired and would love to meet.

Tia Wong- pink pleated skirt



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