Diary of a Failed Fashion Blogger: Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?


You guys, I'm really upset with myself right now. When I started this column, my secret plan was to prove the headline all wrong. I may have started out this whole thing as a failure, but I would show everyone that have learned from my mistakes, lifted myself up and achieved success!

Well, no one has had to go changing the headline just yet. My goal back then (has it really been nearly three months already?!) was to publish a post a day on my blog Stylenik. I published just one post all of last week. And I still haven't taken that IFB SEO course I talked about way back when. There’s a lot of self flagellation going on over here right about now.

I left my gig as editor-in-chief of IFB so I could focus more on Stylenik, as well as my Forbes contributions and still keep up with my other blog, Eat Sleep Denim. And I did publish several posts on those other outlets in the past two weeks.

diary of a failed fashion blogger

But in all my years (and there have been many of them) I haven't found a way to juggle my projects in a way that achieves progress consistently and efficiently across all of them (not to mention also managing my social media accounts to promote all that content), along with prioritizing my teenager, four-year-old, husband and peeling off the play dough before it dries on the couch. One of these categories is always falling by the wayside—either the four-year old is on the iPad way too much or blog posts are not getting written.

In desperation, I have turned back to a method I used with some success many years ago: Getting Things Done, an approach developed by efficiency guru David Allen. Granted I'm only on day two, but I am already getting more done! And I have made lots and lots of lists (that SEO course is at the top), which always makes me at least feel like progress is afoot.

diary of a failed fashion blogger

I'm also experimenting with Trello for managing my work and home lives and incorporating GTD concepts. And since it's been many years since I took a methodical approach to organizing my life, I wanted to to get your advice, dear bloggers. I know many of you manage to post regularly while holding down full-time jobs and being parents. How do you organize your work and personal lives? What are your go-to tools for getting things done? Is there any hope for me? Please let's talk about it in the comments!

[Photos by Anna-Alexia Basile]

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  1. Omo

    I have a connection to the writer already after two failed blogs. I can’t wait to get more tips from the comments.