Links à la Mode, August 25th


As the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer is winding down, the Southern Hemisphere is just beginning to heat up. Take some pointers from the other side of the world on Fall/Winter dressing and vice versa. It’s all about putting your best foot forward!

IFB bloggers really wanted to chat trends this week and focused on bralettes, bodysuits, boyfriend and distressed jeans, high-waisted skirts, split-back tops, monochromatic looks, patches, and stripes–Do stripes really ever go out of style though? From there trends rolled into some how-to’s on using the color wheel to your wardrobe’s benefit, creating the perfect outfit for a particular outing, and sewing your own special event dress. The latter is a story of diligence and triumph. Also, some great posts on what to do on a blogiversary, detailing a special event, and how to field questions from your audience–I don’t mean to pry {yes, I do}!

Read on for an abundance of thoughtful point of views from around our globe.

Links à la Mode, August 25th

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