Links à la Mode, September 1st


There used to be so many rules to fashion. Rules that people didn’t stray too far from on any given year. We can see that clearly in fashion history books; watching silhouettes slowly change through decades. Today however, women are stealing from men, men are stealing from women, suits don’t require shirts, and people seem mostly concerned with wearing the silhouette that best suits their bodies in their opinion. Are we honestly just concerned with dressing our bodies though?

IFB bloggers were writing about a variety of subjects this go round. Trends, entertainment, importance of comfort, beauty, physical and emotional well being, and a fair amount of menswear {when compared to previous weeks}. There were also notes on wardrobe if you are drawing inspiration from the 90’s but also how one may dress with 90 years of dressing experience.

Perhaps one day we will look back and see specific silhouettes assigned to our time–only time will tell.

Links à la Mode, September 1st

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