How to Increase Traffic and Sales Through Instagram Growth

sales through instagram

Growing your brand’s Instagram following is a huge task on its own and requires you to be persistent and creative in your efforts. However, growing your Instagram account is just the beginning. Once you’ve gained a decent following you need to encourage your followers to now take one step further and visit your brand website or blog, where they can then provide you with your main goal of acquiring a new sale or lead.

Our jewelry company, Medea Jewelry, managed to grow our Instagram account (@medeajewelry) from 0 to over 15K followers in under 3 months (Editor's note: This can be done in a number of different ways, but using Instagram growth hacking services like will yield the fastest results). We then took the next step and utilized our following to drive daily traffic and sales to our website. Based on Shopify analytics, our store gets more daily traffic than 98% of stores that launched around the same time that we did. And guess what? 50% of our daily traffic comes directly from Instagram! Since we are a new company this traffic is especially important to us as we slowly try to build our organic traffic from SEO, which we all know takes time to implement. In this article, I’m going to show you the exact steps we took to encourage our followers to visit our website and ultimately purchase a product.


Add an Effective Website Link to Your Bio

This one is a no-brainer, yet for some reason people still neglect it! Since Instagram doesn’t allow many clickable links, the easiest way for your followers to access your website is providing them with a “link in bio” tactic. You are only allowed one link, so make sure you are using it effectively. We personally provide a link to our “Product Info” page as we want our followers to read about our product before they shop around. However sometimes we’ll change it to a different link if we have promotions or new products. If you are a blogger, then linking to a popular blog post or relevant post on your website at the time may be the best way to use your link.

IMAGE 1 medea jewelry instagram bio link

You can use an analytics dashboard to track the performance of your links. You can also use a shortened Bitly link to know here your clicks are coming from and to track your click-through rate. Overall, this tactic can be used for any links including e-commerce websites, a Youtube channel, landing pages, etc.


Mention Your Bio Link and Include a Call to Action in Your Image Captions

You need to write captions that convert. The best way to do this is by including a simple call to action in your image caption, and providing your followers basic instructions on how to reach your website. However, make it customer-friendly and not like you are simply trying to sell them something. And you don’t need to include a call to action on every single image caption – we try to do them on our most popular products or photos that we think will get high engagement.

IMAGE 2 medea jewelry caption

You can also provide a call to action directly in your images, which works well when running contests or for promotions. Here’s an example of that by Canva, where they provide a call to action on their image and also within their caption with more detail.

IMAGE 3 canva post

Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Whether you’re selling a product or collecting subscribers, you need to focus on increasing your conversion rate to best utilize the traffic you get from Instagram. There are several ways to do this but I will just share a few key tips that helped us double our conversion rate.

  • Social Proof

Your customers need to see that you can be trusted and that what you’re offering is liked by other customers. We did this by adding a product review plugin to allow our customers to review each of our products.

  • Offer Something Unique to Your Subscribers

In today’s day and age it’s getting harder and harder to convert visitors to subscribers. If they are going to give their email away, they will want something in return. With us being an ecommerce site, we provided a 15% discount code to gather emails during our pre-launch which led us to collect 1,200 subscribers in just over a week. For bloggers, you can provide your customers a valuable informative article or EBook that isn’t on your blog and isn’t available to non-subscribers.

  • Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

New visitors will click the link to your website from your Instagram and if your page takes over a few seconds to load, guess what they’re going to do next? Yup, exit the website and not think twice about it. Amazon actually found that if their pages slow down by 1 second, they lose $1.6 billion a year. You need to make sure your load times are quick by optimizing your images, and using plugins/apps (for Shopify/Wordpress) that help with load times.



Now that you’ve learned some tips on how to direct traffic to your site from Instagram, it's time to put them into action! However, I advise you not to use Instagram only as a means of directing traffic to a link.

Instagram is more about improving brand visibility and building a loyal community. The added traffic to your website will come naturally from this and by properly implementing the key points I’ve mentioned above.  

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