4 Online Business Crises Bloggers Face and How to Handle Them


No matter what the nature of your online business may be, it is essential to ensure that you prepare for the worst-case scenarios. The following issues are some of the most potentially problematic issues that an online business or blog can run into, regardless of whatever the niche is; however, being properly prepared for them can mean the difference between disaster and improving your brand’s reputation in the chaos.


Service outages

Occasionally, a hiccup in the server can cause your website to temporarily become unavailable. Though you will likely have prepared an announcement of when your website will be undergoing maintenance to let your customers know that services will be temporarily unavailable, a sudden service outage can still happen at any time.

In the event that it comes to your attention that your website is down, make sure to communicate to your readers or customers that you are aware of the situation as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t immediately aware of what is causing the problem, being upfront about this and demonstrating a willingness to address it will help put your customers’ minds at ease. As a failsafe, make sure to always have a backup of your website handy.


Social media backlash

Social media is an asset, but can also be an unpredictable avenue for troubles with public relations. In any event of social media backlash, be able to appeal to your target market’s capacity for forgiveness. Do not argue with your followers who make inflammatory comments, but remain professional and understanding at all times. There is nothing to be gained from arguing with your followers.


Copyright charges

One of the most troubling issues that a blogger or online business can run into is a legal charge from copyright infringement. Make sure to address these issues as quickly as possible by making an effort to directly contact whoever issued the charge. As a protective measure, make sure that you own the rights to all of your media content in advance. Visit a professional at a place like Alternative Law if you need help with mediation.


Official website hacking

In the event that your blog or website is compromised by a hacker, you will want to make it clear to your customers that you are aware of what has happened. As with any issue that may be caused by server outage, keep a backup of your website ready to be uploaded at any and all times. Encrypting any and all checkout processes on your website in advance can help to protect any sensitive customer information as well.


Though all of these issues can be understandably troubling, they can all be addressed effectively with finesse and patience. By taking steps to avoid panicking and worsening the problem, you can demonstrate to your target market that your brand has the professionalism and reliability to provide good service and communication in the face of problems.


What are other common online mishaps and crises you face as a blogger? How do you handle them? Comment below for more advice!

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