How Your Favorite Bloggers Create Great Visual Content: Part 2

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Talking Cameras with the Photographers Behind Some of Your Favorite Blogger’s Content: Part 2 featuring Xavier Duah

There is a quality standard that goes into creating consistent visual content for bloggers. These days, there are so many different cameras to choose from, so many apps to make use of, and so many editing techniques.

To help give an idea on what product you should be looking at if you’re interested in achieving quality content like your favorite bloggers, we have talked to some notable photographers in the New York scene who work with some of the most popular, and influential bloggers today. They’ve teamed up with us to give you some of their best tips and tricks when it comes to professional photography. Today’s edition is featuring NYC photographer, Xavier Duah.


Name: Xavier Duah
Location: NY, NY
Instagram: @zay.vier


Previously Shot For:

Igee Okafor, Suliann Pinnock, Delanique M., Chrissy A. (Justmissedtherunway ), TheModaIntersection.

xavier duah

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon 6D camera for all my shoots, including bloggers. The 6D is a full frame camera which gives me versatility with shots and depth of field. It's a perfect camera to use with bloggers because it can capture detailed shots of clothing and accessories. I paid a whopping $3,000 for my camera and lens combined. It's an investment, of course.


What is your main aesthetic?

There is a focus on color, contrast and shadows. I prefer shooting outdoors because I can play with sunlight and shadows in my photography to get a desirable effect.


What’s your go-to editing technique?

Editing begins in Photoshop (retouching) and ends in Lightroom for finishing touches and filter effects. VSCO is the only photo editing app I use for Instagram. It allows me to do quick editing and apply quality filter effects on photos if I want to post on social media.


Best photography tip you've ever learned?

Always shoot in manual! It allows you to adjust the cameras features to fit your lighting and aperture needs. Also it allows you to learn and become more familiar with your camera


What is your secret to getting the best light for a photo?

When shooting outside my secret is to use a reflector or shoot when it's a little cloudy outside, to prevent heavy shadows or overexposure.


Best tips to make sure beginner shots look as professional as possible?

Always have an idea for the image you want beforehand. And when editing don’t over saturate or over expose your pictures.


Any great tricks or tips for “on-the-go” shots on an iPhone?

Smartphones are like the new mini DSLR’s, if you have a photographic eye and your own aesthetic getting quality on the go shots on your smartphone is easy.


What makes the perfect shot for you?

The perfect shot for me is when I've captured something and made it look like the person,place, or object is right there in front of the person viewing the picture. No details left out.



About Xavier:

Xavier Duah is a freelance photographer and founder of up-and-coming Creative agency, Vier Visuals. An agency geared towards linking other freelance photographers and designers with entrepreneurs and businesses in need of brand building and consulting services.

Xavier was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland. After attending St. Johns University in Queens, New York he began to experiment with photography. He started photographing school events and student profiles, which allowed him to eventually network with fellow creatives. Various opportunities from there on forth inspired him to incorporate his interest in fashion and portrait photography into his own portfolio.

Xavier now has growing portfolio with creative, fashion, and portrait photography.  And a number of clientele ranging from fashion bloggers, models, and fashion design labels. Currently he serves as an assisting photographer for Parallel Magazine.  Xavier’s photographic work has been featured on sites such as, Forbes, and Buzzfeed.

In his spare time, Xavier likes to explore New York City and photograph various scenes and architecture he may come across. To view Xavier’s online portfolio, visit

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