5 Ways an MBA Can Make You a Better Blogger


There’s no doubt about it—Earning an MBA degree takes a lot of commitment and dedication. You’ve devoted countless hours to study, test preparation, individual and group projects, and research, getting yourself into a position to succeed in the business world. It might therefore come as something of a surprise that the skills you’ve honed during your graduate work can also give you a leg-up as a blogger. Here are just five of the reasons why getting an MBA, especially a technology management MBA, can improve your blogging skills.


It will Give You Broad and Deep Knowledge of the Field

You’ll study business history, theory, and practice. You’ll analyze systems in a variety of contexts and locations. You’ll acquire a foundation in the philosophy of economics. You’ll know the major and minor players in the business world. This breadth and depth of knowledge will give you an excellent advantage as a blogger, allowing you to develop a topic by looking at it from a number of points of view. Knowledge is power, and your learned expertise will allow you to develop content and to write with authority.


You Will Develop Effective Communication Skills

In the simplest terms, academic writing teaches you to develop a thesis and defend it with valid reasoning and facts. This means that, when you write an academic paper, you must first know what you’re trying to say. Once you’ve communicated this, you back it up with the data you’ve acquired through research. The most effective and useful blog posts do the same: they develop a concept, back it up with authoritative data, and make the point they’ve defended clear to their readers.


It Can Help Your Reputation or Credibility

You might call it branding when referring to a business, or reputation when you’re talking about an individual. In either case, during your coursework for the MBA, you’ll study how to successfully develop a name for yourself, one that means reliability, honesty, and integrity. You’ll also learn the importance of maintaining and developing that name. As a professional blogger, you’ll need these skills as you create your readership, hone your content to their needs, and deliver exactly what your readers are looking for in an honest and effective way.


It Will Teach You to Empathize with Your Readers

As an MBA student, you’ll devote a lot of effort to learning how to address and interact with customers and clients, how to understand their needs and desires, and how to deliver the product or service they’re looking for in the way that works best for them. As a blogger, you’ll need these skills, first to identify the readers with whom you’re communicating and then to understand their points of view and topics of interest.


You'll Develop Strong Networking Skills

Perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways from your graduate work in business administration will be the network of students, teachers, and mentors you’ll acquire. You’ll be cultivating your professional relationships with these individuals as you proceed through your career, drawing upon their experience and expertise when you have questions and being willing to lend them a helping hand as well. Professional bloggers depend upon personal networks. They regularly respond to requests for information, references, and tips from other bloggers in their field. They refer their readers to the blog posts of people in their networks. They write guest blog posts for the blogs of others, and solicit them for their own blog. They know that by networking in this way, their field becomes stronger and they build trust and confidence.
Earning an MBA prepares you not only for an outstanding career in business, but provides you with valuable skills for succeeding as a professional blogger. Whether it’s a matter of data, branding, reputation, communication, customer service, or networking, the worlds of blogging and business closely intersect.


Have you ever considered getting additional certifications, degrees, or schooling to further your education? Or, if you already have, tell us how it has helped your blog or business. Let us know in the comments below!

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