5 Ways to Prepare for Next Season’s Fashion Week Right Now



Fashion week has officially finished and, as the responsible entrepreneurs and strategists we bloggers are, it’s time to look back and evaluate what worked and what didn’t so we can step up our game for next season!

Since we all started blogging because of our love for fashion, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement and produce content that may not provide the best value for your readers. Before attending next season's fashion week events, you want to make sure you and your audience are both getting what you want out of the whole experience.

Brands and readers can tell when a blogger is leveraging influence just to attend shows without delivering anything substantial in return, so let’s all avoid that. Here are 5 things to do right now to prepare you for next season's fashion week events.



Check out your Google Analytics and social media and pay close attention to your usual numbers in comparison to your fashion week coverage. Did your readers interact more or less? What types of posts were successful? Did they enjoy your outfit(s) of the day posts, runway snaps, or in-depth collection reviews?

This data will give you important information about what your audience responds to organically. Use this to your advantage as you pitch projects and collaborations to brands, while highlighting packages and angles you know will get the most engagement. Which brings us to…



Did you meet anyone great this season? Anyone that sparked a light bulb moment? Send them a note to check in and say how nice it was to meet them.

I always make sure to send any coverage I did to the PR office that organized the event and politely ask to be added to their press list. If you do a good job, they will notice.

One season, I made friends with an amazing sports photographer, Micheline V, while we were waiting to get seated for a morning show. A lot of people looked miserable waiting in line, but we had lots of fun talking about the industry, the Louboutin cobblers in Paris and travelling to Canada. In the frenzy of fashion week, it’s easy to close up and not socialize, but being kind and polite will get you a lot more contacts to reach out to in the future.



As we know, fashion week is about so much more than just sitting at the shows. It’s also an exciting time for press offices, hotels, restaurants, and brands that aren’t necessarily walking down a runway. Scroll through other bloggers’ feeds to see what partnerships and Instagram/Snapchat takeovers they did and write them down.

We all know it’s easier to pitch brands that are already working with influencers, so make a list of local designers, shops, and brands that you’d like to reach out to next time around. This is also a great opportunity to diversify your content if don’t have any ideas of how to cover fashion week from a different angle.

Also, make sure you know which brands are hosting showrooms and reach out to them early to set up a breakfast meeting or a showroom visit to borrow any pieces to wear during the week. This will make planning your outfits so much easier and it's a win/win for everyone involved.



Were there any moments of fashion week that you absolutely loved? Anything you hated or found boring? As normal human beings, we can’t do it all, so this is a good time to see what you want to get out of fashion week.

Maybe it’s a great time to meet up with other bloggers and make friends. Maybe you want to break into the fashion industry and see the shows up close. Maybe you want to network and offer your styling services.

These are all great goals to have in mind with a clear result or benefit coming from participating in the week's events. It's important to be clear what your goals are so that you don’t end up wasting time and money hustling to get to the shows with no clear plan on how to make the best of it. At some point, you’ll need to sit down and define how fashion week fits into your long-term career plan to make it worthwhile!



Go through all the photos, notes, and Snaps you took and figure out what gets you excited this season. Read up on collection reviews and industry news as much as possible. Try and cultivate a deeper knowledge of fashion that will inspire you to make bolder editorial decisions and provide more behind-the-scenes info, advice, and value to your readers!


Are you planning on attending Fashion Week next season? What are some of the things you like to prepare in between every year's events? Comment below with more suggestions!

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