Links à la Mode, October 27th


This weekend is Halloween and bloggers are gearing up! Halloween is such a fun holiday that brings out the creativity and kid in all of us. One blogger shares how to dress up with the fashionable pieces already in your closet. No need to spend upwards of $50 on a mass production this year. Another blogger shares a do-it-yourself guide to ombre tights! Her candy corn inspired look has us drooling. And of course, it’s not Halloween with the Jack-O’-Lanterns! Check out an adorable, must try manicure that we only wish we had the skill to pull off.

In addition, bloggers cover emerging trends, like fall sweaters and clutch purses. We’ve also stocked this week’s links with tons of great advice and articles that will inspire you to wear those pieces in your closet you had no idea what to do with!

Links à la Mode, October 27th

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