Digital Inheritance: How to Make a Purchased Blog Your Own


Purchasing a blog can be a great investment. A blog with its own good reputation and archive of content can give you a head start that is difficult to accomplish from scratch. However, just like you want to put your own personal touch on any house that you buy, you likely want to put your own touches on your acquired blog. How can you make this happen?


Add Your Own Content

The best way to keep a blog feeling fresh and new is to add new content. Whether you choose to continue with the editorial standards already established or change them to suit your needs, don't be afraid to put up a new post at least a few times a week. Chances are, you bought this blog because of the viewer base it has—don’t lose them by going inactive! Try to match the pace, voice, and frequency of posting that the original blog owner had. This will help your current readers feel at home while bringing in new viewers in the future.


Add Your Own Graphics to Freshen Up the Look

Changing the font or style of the blog's title can help you put your own spin on the blog without making any drastic changes. However, make sure that your readers can still recognize the brand or else they may stop visiting the site. Stick to subtle changes that maintain the blog’s theme and feel, as well as its organization so that readers do not become lost. The site should feel upgraded, not replaced.


Create Twitter and Facebook Pages for the Blog

If the site is lacking a social media presence, you may want to create one. This makes it easier to attract new readers and multiple new channels to send links to or otherwise garner more attention for your content. If the site already has social media, update them to fit the new style of the blog. You may also want to incorporate a comments section if the blog doesn't have one already.


Invite Readers to Produce Content

Many blogs these days allow readers to submit ideas for articles that they would like to read or even write themselves. Posting content created by readers can give you a steady stream of blog posts that may be written and posted for free. It also gives your readers a sense of ownership over the blog that may make them more loyal to its brand.


Open the Blog Up to Advertising or Sponsored Posts

Banner advertising or sponsored content are relatively new but effective ways for a site to make money. A sponsored story is essentially a higher quality blog post that someone else writes and pays you to post on your site. This could add a new dimension to your blog while also making it more profitable. It will also improve your blog’s reputation among other sites, making it appear higher on relevant search results.

Many of those in the business education world know the value a blog can bring to brands. Find out more here. Buying a blog can give you access to an established audience that is willing to hear what you have to say. However, it is on you to continue to live up to their expectations or exceed them with your own ideas and vision.

Have you ever purchased a blog? If you have more tips for others out there who are going through this process, comment below now!

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4 Responses

    • Tim

      Most of the blogs on Flippa were created just so they could be sold. Yeah you can find a gem every once in a while, but anymore you’d probably either look to a broker to help you find something in your price range or do some detective work and find a blog that’s not being updated anymore and offer the owner some money to take it off their back. They’d probably be thrilled to get anything for it.

  1. Tim

    Buying a blog is pretty cool, but like you said, you definitely need to make it your own. In the fashion realm that can be pretty hard since most of the photos probably don’t look anything like you, but giving it a facelift will definitely give you more ownership and pride in it which usually equates to commitment and ultimately more money.