Why You Should Grow Your Value as a Woman in a Fashion Driven World

Nowadays, the term “value” is heavily used in every aspect of business. The word has become so saturated that it’s become a cliché word.

Personal values are the essence of who we are. They encompass our integrity and what we stand for. Just as brand values, personal values also represent the core aspects of our self.  

We are all unique. We all have little touches that make us who we are. The more we understand ourselves, the more self-aware we become and the easier it is to thrive in life. Your core values tie into what you stand for, what you believe in, and who you really are.

Living in a high tech, fashion driven industry, we are made to believe that women need more, need to be thin, need to be all things to all people. Self-esteem and self-image have played a huge part in the fashion industry and it has often been implied that thin models with a specific look was the ‘beauty standard’. In some ways, that standard said if you didn’t look thin or wear high-end clothing, you were inadequate.


With this need for change and need to stay on top, the fashion world has shifted focus from entertainment on television to streaming live. Because of this virtual world, real people and bloggers now have a voice. With this shifting, not much has changed in this need for more. Comparison has played a huge part in this industry for many years, and really has increased as the value of materialistic goods increases. We still say to ourselves, “This isn’t enough,” or “I don’t have…so I’m not this…”  


The fashion industry knows that self-image is everything. They know that if you can somehow buy into their image, they can keep you trapped into acquiring more and feeding into this frenzy that you are never enough. It stifles you into what they want you to be and makes you focus less on knowing your true identity and self-worth. 


But you are not your clothes; the brands you wear do not define who you are. YOU are your brand; you determine what your style is and you don’t have to focus all of your energy on what other fashion bloggers are wearing and doing. It becomes less of a focus and creative distraction when we learn to put things into proper perspective. Bloggers are only an idea, a creative means and an expression of oneself. When we focus on our own creativity and admire who we are, we can present to the world our truest and best self, which is our value. Knowing who you are is key to self success and relationships.

Here are three helpful tips to grow your value:

  1. Stay present. Comparing yourself to other fashion bloggers doesn’t keep you in the moment. It only becomes a distraction to your own creativity. It stifles you and keeps you in “stuck mode.” When you are in the moment being grateful for what you have, more good can come to you.
  2. In life, it is hard enough that we body shame everyday and we self doubt what we can do. We talk down on ourselves, creating more of what we don’t want by our doubts and negativity. The way you speak to yourself, and the way you present yourself is very important. Speak life, spread love to yourself and others! When you hold yourself to higher standards, you show others that you care and are passionate about what you do. When you love what you do, you’ll be able to give that much more. 
  3. How are you treating yourself? Sometimes we use the word “bully,” but never truly understanding that we can be bullies to our self. We work long hours, pay little attention to our bodies, and deplete the energy our body needs by not resting. BE KIND! It doesn’t do you any good to be so critical and hard on yourself. Believe in yourself, no one will believe in you more than YOU! It starts with how you feel on the inside that exudes what’s on the out, when you take the time to love you, that shines through and others will gravitate.


You are the only person that you will spend your entire life with. It is not that fashion guru’s ultimate ideas or thoughts that control your life that is going to add overall value to you. It is the way you see yourself! It’s time to STOP putting yourself last, and grow your value as a woman in a fashion driven world!

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