Squad Goals: 7 Essential Steps to Shaping a Killer Team


Everyone knows it can be challenging to find great employees. Sharing some key steps to weeding out applicants that are not a good fit in the long run can save you time and money later. Check out the tips below for knowing how to put together a killer team!


1. Complimentary

What are your strengths? What are some of your weaknesses? What do you need the most help with? Make sure you hire someone that can fill in the holes that you lack. Have this in mind and added to your job description before posting it. The more specific you are, the better. For instance, if you are not the best at staying on top of your business finances or marketing isn’t your strong suit, seek out someone who has that experience.

It does you no good to add someone to the team that has the exact same personality traits and skills that you do. Although you all can become the closest of friends you must look at the big picture. Look for someone that compliments you and can get things done that you may struggle with or simply don’t have time to do.


2. Proactive

Are they going to always ask you a question? Or do they present a problem then suggest a solution? This is key! If they are resourceful and creative enough to solve the issue this is a huge plus. It will save you both time and money long term as they will be able to manage up to you.

You have enough to do and you don’t need someone you have to stalk for a status update. Find someone who is proactive and consistently keeping you up to speed with the top level details needed. Once they are familiar with their roles and responsibilities give them the reigns as no one likes to be micro managed.


3. Customer Service Oriented

Not everyone is going to treat your customers like you do. Since great customer service is how you maintain and grow your business, you are going to need someone who has the same mindset. Look for someone with customer service experience from a reputable company.

For instance, if you have an e-store look for someone with experience from a top tier department store like Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue. This will at least let you know that they have received a solid foundation, training wise.  Plus this can save you time on training them thoroughly on client servicing.


4. Communication Skills

It’s hard enough learning to let go of certain day to day aspects of your business, albeit administrative. It is even tougher when the person you hire lacks the communication skills to effectively and efficiently speak to you, your team, and your clients. Pay attention to the candidate’s language skills. Are they able to adequately and quickly articulate their thoughts and ideas?


5. Responsible

This is hard to test, but does the candidate appear mature enough to handle the position. Are they punctual? Do they come prepared to the interview? Do they under promise and over deliver? Does there reputation precede them? Are they known for displaying integrity and honesty? Are they a person of their word? Ask their references for examples that speak to the candidate’s character.


6. Compensation

It’s “All about the Benjamins baby!” Make sure your compensation is in line with what you are asking in the job description. You truly get what you pay for. If you need someone to create and implement your marketing campaign make sure your compensation package fairly reflects this.

Compensation is more than just dollars but also can include industry perks, mentorship, networking opportunities, etc.  Attract elite interns, college students, etc. by offering compensation commensurate with the responsibilities of the role. Also, if you are looking for someone part time and that role could potentially grow into a full time position, make sure to note that in your description.


7. Attitude

Does the candidate express enthusiasm and passion about the position? Do they have a positive “can do” attitude? Or do they barely want to say “hello”? If it stinks now, it is going to be sour later. And if they are like that with you imagine how they will be with your clients and your team!

A positive mood works wonders in the office space–and likewise for a negative attitude. Entrepreneurship is hard enough as it is. Adding Negative Nancy to the equation can disrupt the work flow and the company culture you are trying to build. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their days, but if they are not mature enough to leave their issues at the door you should evaluate whether they are a good fit.


So how do you find this candidate to add to your squad? Start your search for a candidate with enough lead time. If you are looking for an intern or college student for the summer, waiting until May is too late and you may not find anyone until the fall semester.

During the interview, pay attention to their attire, punctuality, and communication skills. Also, ask them for example of the essentials above in a previous role and a reference list (2 professional and 1 personal). Keep in mind that although not every candidate is perfect it is possible to find someone that is a good fit for you!

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