5 Ways to Make Your Blogging Goals Stick

It's always a good idea to keep a list of blogging goals to make sure you're always moving forward in your business. But what happens when life gets in the way and makes it a little trickier to actually achieve those goals?

If you're having trouble keeping true to your goals, or you're just looking for a way to seriously improve them, take a look at these tips!

1. Change the Verbiage

Sometimes all you need to do to succeed with your goals is to change up how you're stating them. Are your goals time bound, specific, and attainable? Make sure you're keeping a journal, goal board, or something that you can write down everything specific about the goal you're trying to achieve.

Another trick you can use is to write what you want to STOP doing instead of what you want to START doing. Stopping doing something that's been destructive for you in the past is just as big of an accomplishment as starting something new. If focusing on your blog and your goals is an issue, maybe you can make a goal for yourself to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers.


2. Start Small

Focus on just one goal and once you've reached that, move on to the next one instead of trying to accomplish everything at once. This has the added bonus of letting you tick things off your to-do list, which always makes me feel like a super-achiever! There's no reason why you can't reach for the stars, but starting with realistic, smaller tasks and goals will actually GET you there without too much back-pedaling.

If you don't have any smaller steps on the way to being able to quit your full-time job and becoming a professional blogger, you might get discouraged before you get there. Focus first on earning enough money to break even with your hosting fees, then move up from that.

Always remember the little things!


3. Work in Increments

Say your goal is to get more comments or grow your community on your blog this year. Figure out the steps you'll have to take to get there and work on them one at a time. For example, a great way to get more comments is to comment MORE on other blogs; so focus on that for a month until you see results before you move on to trying something else. You could try to do everything in conjunction and all at once if you're really good at time management and analysis, but why make it harder on yourself?


4. Read, Read, Read (and Learn)

That's why you're here at IFB, right? This is an amazing resource for both new and established bloggers – I've been doing this for a long time and I always take something away from every article I read. Here are links to just a few of my favorite articles on IFB that relate to popular blogging goals. You can use some of these as reference points.

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Want to start monetizing?
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5. Ask for Help

Finally, if you're stuck, or don't know where to go from here, ask for help. Make an appeal on twitter or facebook for advice, or even ask your readers. Just make sure that you don't take any advice for granted. Be grateful, and always thank other bloggers for providing help.


Any other tips for sticking to your blogging goals? What are some of yours? Comment below!

Note: This article about blogging goals was originally published January 10, 2014. It was updated on February 1, 2017.

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14 Responses

  1. Ashley

    My biggest one to add – is the growth of habit. Good and bad behaviors happen when we make them habit. If you want that resolution to stick, you’ve got to be conscious about making it a regular part of your life. I think it’s why so many fail at resolutions (myself included) – because we forget the time and energy needed to build them into habits in the first place. Many studies show it takes… 3 weeks (IIRC) for a habit to turn into a change.

  2. Eva Tornado

    One of the most desirable goals of many bloggers is to create online community with great engagement. May be it sounds strange, but now it is easier to do it exactly on your blog, than on social platforms. News feed in social networks is oversaturated and companies, trying to regulate this issue (like Facebook for ex with their Edge Rank), create strange algorithms to make reading news easier for users. But ,in the result, a big part of content have been missed. I follow tens blogs’ pages and I see their news too seldom. So, a lot of bloggers do not have their desirable engagement not because of they are not interesting, and we do not want to be engaged, but just because their news are under a filter. So you can have thousands followers (“likes”) on your Facebook Page, but your posts will reach just a few percents of your subscribers. The same issue appears in another platforms, too. The number of Internet-users grows. Every day we see hundreds news, and tens of them just have been missed… As I see for now, Facebook can’t find any solution, and small Public Pages have no chance to get more engagement, than they have now, without hard and sometimes meaningless work.

  3. Anneke Forbes

    Great timing, Grechen! My goal this year is to start a monetization program for my blog. Your list of articles to check out should prove very useful, so now I have no choice but to keep my resolution! If anyone knows of specific programs, applications, or websites for affiliate links and advertisement sales that have proven useful, I’m all ears!
    Much appreciated!

  4. Tiana Hood

    Great post! I love new year’s resolutions because I love the opportunity to start fresh with new goals to strive for. However, I think a lot of people fail because they think that starting January 1 they are going to transform themselves into a brand new person overnight which never works!

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. Juliana

    I definitely agree that starting small is KEY. I find that a lot of times (because there’s that rare time when it does work), starting with big goals, especially at the start of the year just doesn’t work and makes you lose that motivation. This year, I’m really trying to attack my goals, especially the blog ones and your tips throughout the year are going to help so much. Thank you! I really don’t know where I’d be without IFB… – Juliana

  6. Jeanine Marie

    My goal this year is to finally start taking pictures. I have no excuses. I have the professional equipment, experience and I can make the time. Just need to find the motivation!

    Jeanine Marie

  7. Miss Monet

    Building a blog community is on my goal list, as well as, getting more involved on social media sites like Twitter. But my number one goal this year is TIME MANAGEMENT. I need to incorporate a blogging schedule so that I won’t fall behind and can keep my site updated. I look forward to checking out the articles listed!


  8. Londile Black

    Point number 2 is so relevant to me right now. I’ve recently started a blog where I write about my personal experiences infused with my personal style. When i first started, I was so overwhelmed because I wanted to achieve a lot at a small space of time. I didn’t realise that I was actually burning myself out with unnecessary pressure I had placed on myself. After reading this article, I came to a conclusion that bit by bit is what i need to start doing. Once I’ve achieved a certain goal, move to the next…..

  9. vishal

    Definitely agree with #2, starting small and concentrating on one niche audience. Be everything for someone, rather than being something for everyone.