How to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Blog


Consistency is key in whatever you’re doing in your life. Whether it’s your job, your love life, or even your favorite hobby. Having your blog visitors consistently coming back to your blog when you post new articles, or just to re-visit some of the old ones, means that you’ve successfully built your audience and your blog as well.

If you’ve been wondering exactly how you can keep your visitors intrigued and coming back again and again, check out these 3 steps where we’ll go over some of the ways you can make those key changes in your blog so your audience sticks.


1. Post Regularly

If you want your audience to keep coming back and read your posts, then you must practice consistency. Try to have new posts at least once a week, and make sure the new post is published at the same day and hour every week. When you do this, your audience will know that you’re serious about your blog, and they’ll know when they can expect the new post each week, which is what will keep them coming back. You’re giving them what they expect without getting disappointed at the end. New visitors will also be attracted by this consistent pattern of posting.

If you ever decide to take a break from posting for some time, make sure you notify your audience of the reason you’re taking the break, as well as the time span of your absence. This will keep the pattern you’ve created for your audience, and they’ll know when they can expect new posts from you.


2. Use Social Media Announcements

Social media is the most efficient way to keep your audience engaged. Most of the people who follow your blog will also follow you on every social media platform you’ve linked your blog to.

Facebook is an exceptional social media platform for promoting your newly published posts on your blog’s fan page. Instagram is another great social media platform for posting teasers of your not-yet-published posts, so your audience is informed of when the new post is going to be published or what other surprises you may have for them.


3. Quality Over Quantity

I always prefer the ‘less is more’ option whenever I am reading an article or just viewing photos (if it’s a fashion blog). By following this standard, the blog post looks clean and conceptualized, and it speaks to the visitor who is reading/viewing. It tells them that the writer put effort into putting together a quality, well-written piece.

Your audience wants to follow a pattern; so standardize your posts, make your text clear and concise, and choose your photos wisely. If you like uploading more photos, then at least combine them into several grid photos, so your blog doesn’t look overcrowded – no one likes scrolling for too long.


These are some of the simple tips I use for my retaining traffic on my blog, and maybe something else works for your blog. If you’re not putting these to practice right now, maybe you can give them a try and see if they work for you!

If these tips have helped you increase your audience engagement in your blog posts, or if you have some other, more efficient, tips regarding this topic, please tell us in comments below!

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