The Podcast Blueprint: Reviewing Udemy’s Podcast Course

A Review of Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”

In case you didn't know, IFB is running a series titled “Start Your Own Podcast: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about podcasting: what you should consider before you begin, what equipment you need to purchase, and how to get your followers to tune into your podcast. In this week's instalment, we're doing an in-depth review of Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player plugin.

The Podcast Blueprint

Want to Enrol In Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”? Check it out on Udemy.

Our goal with this series is to help fashion bloggers make the jump from blogging to producing audio content. It's also worth noting, this series is not specifically tailored for individuals in the fashion industry. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or are just curious about podcasting, check out “Start Your Own Podcast, Part III: The Best Podcasting Courses for Bloggers”. And while you're at it, check out “Part I: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”, “Part II: What Your Need Before Your Begin” and our roundup of the best podcasts for fashion bloggers.

In his week’s instalment IFB’s Laura Kell will be reviewing Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”, taught by Andrew Ferebee. Ferebee is the founder of, a men's lifestyle blog and podcast. He launched the Knowledge For Men podcast in November 2013. It quickly became #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy in the top 3 categories: Business, Health and Education. In its first three months on iTunes, Ferebee's podcast was downloaded over 250,000 times.

Laura Kell's Review of Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”

Spoiler Alert: I had a really difficult time getting through Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint” course, taught by Andrew Ferebee. Really difficult. And while I don't think it's the worst podcasting course on the market, I think there are better options out there (like John Lee Dumas' free podcast course). Especially if you're on a budget.

And while I'm not saying Andrew Ferebee isn't qualified to teach the course, I think there are better instructors out there on the Internet. But let's rewind and start from the top.

I've broken down the pros and cons of enrolling in Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”. If you're in the market for an online course on podcasting, check out the facts below and decide for yourself whether this course is right for you.

If You Don't Know About Udemy, Now You Know . . .

Before I start reviewing Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”, I think it's important to quickly touch on Udemy.

If you aren't familiar with Udemy, I highly recommend you go check it out. According to its website, Udemy is “. . .  a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors.”

Essentially, Udemy is a database of online courses taught by experts, on almost every topic out there. Courses range in price, but most are under $50, and go on sale quite frequently. You can also download the Udemy app and course onto your smartphone, and watch courses on the go.

If you're looking for more information on Udemy, check out IFB's “Why Every Blogger Needs To Know About Udemy“.

The Pros of Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”

  • Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint” costs approximately $15, That's a steal, especially when you compare it to other courses on the market (like Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting). Udemy's other podcast courses are also within the same price range. Whether or not “The Podcast Blueprint” is the right course for you, you should still be able to find something within your budget on Udemy.
  • “The Podcast Blueprint” boasts over nine hours of video content, broken down into 60 lectures. You probably won't find a more detailed course on the Internet on the topic of creating a podcast. Ferebee goes into everything from recommending podcasting equipment of all price ranges, to creating a pre launch plan for your new podcast.
  • As I mentioned above, the great thing about Udemy is you can download their app and watch courses on the go. Therefore, you can complete the course at your own pace. And if you're interested in learning about a particular area of starting your own podcast (i.e. “How To Share Your Podcast On Social Media”), you can easily skip ahead and watch that particular lecture on the topic
  • Udemy is really easy to use. It also won't fill your inbox with dozens of emails.

The Cons of Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”

  • 60 video lectures is a lot of video lectures. Overall, the course could have been a lot leaner when it came to the video content.
  • While the course technically could be completed in a day, your brain might feel like it's going into content overload. It's by no means a crash course on how to start a podcast.
  • With Udemy, there is very little one-on-one interaction between the course instructor and the students. Therefore, if you enjoy direct communication (or, even, course office hours) with an instructor, Udemy probably isn't the greatest learning tool for you.
  • I didn't find the instructor, Andrew Ferebee, very likable. I am fully aware this is a petty comment, but he just didn't seem like the right guy to teach the course. Ferebee clearly is qualified to teach “The Podcast Blueprint” (or at least Udemy thinks so), but his lengthy introductory (“My Story of Struggle And Triumph”) is completely unnecessary. It also makes him come across as slightly narcissistic. I also felt he could have presented himself in a more professional manner (i.e. removing guitar from the background of his video, filming himself in higher quality, etc.)

Overall Thoughts on Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”

Unless you're looking for a crash course, where you can learn EVERYTHING there is to know about podcasting in the span of a weekend, skip Udemy's “The Podcast Blueprint”. John Lee Dumas' free email podcast course has everything you need to know about podcasting and it won't set you back a dime.

If you have a larger budget and want to splash out, sign up for Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting.

All that being said, we still love Udemy as an educational platform. Do your research before you sign up to its courses and take advantage of discount codes.

Have you tried Udemy Courses? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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