3 Compelling Reasons For Taking Your Own Blog Photos

3 reasons taking own blog
By Juila DiNardo of Fashion Pulse Daily

In all honesty, I am not a good photographer. Upgrading to a pretty decent camera with a great zoom while reading about different settings, tips, and watching tutorials certainly helps, but my skill level still just passes as competent. I do, however, make a huge effort to photograph anything and everything I'd like to write about as I think that it adds tremendous value to the post, and hence, my site. Even if I have imagines from the publicist in my inbox or via a jump drive and at the ready, I find that it's far more integral, and appreciated, when I use my own snaps. I've put together a few reasons why it's important to take the extra step to make sure your batteries are charged and the camera is in your bag, or even have your cell phone at bay, ready for that next photo opp.

Taking Your Own Photos Allows More Contemplative Time with the Product

When you take time to look at something through a lens, it can aid you in seeing the beauty of the item, either through noticing a hard-to-catch detail, the way it becomes illuminated under different light options, and even it's tactile quality, sine taking a photo of the object will most likely require you to touch it and move it.  I definitely think that taking pause to look at something for a few extra minutes, or even seconds, gives the opportunity to instill an understanding and enthusiasm for the product that you may not have recognized before.

Anyone Can Pull or Upload Photos of a Collection

It's the way that you interpret the item, and what you see as wanting to bring into the spotlight that lends the item a more curated point of view. Your perspective is the reason why readers come to your site, so why not translate that into every aspect of your content that you possibly can? Sometimes, it's just not possible to take photos of a product first-hand, or your images may not have turned out as clear or perfect as you would have hoped; in that case, using images sent from a publicist or the brand is the best route, but if you have other options, definitely exploit them! Plus, if you took the time out of your schedule to attend an event, why not convey your personal interaction with the new products and experience through your own photos?

Photos Taken By You Can Convey Professionalism, Preparedness, and Efficiency

I can't tell you how many times I've showed up at events to take photos and the press person walking me through the collection has been impressed with my camera around my neck (which, by the way, cost under $300), and iPhone in hand, while balancing a notebook and rotating back and forth between the camera phone and my ‘real' camera. Just the fact that you bring a camera to an event can be impressive, expressing an earnestness, and that you had prepared in advance for the event and want to cover this is in a way that works for you. There's something about a camera in-hand that just feels (at least for me) and appears professional, plus if you've taken your own pics, that means that you can get working on a post as soon, or as late as you choose to, not having to wait around for lookbooks to be sent out.

Why do you use original photography, instead of sent images, on your site?

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  1. Peppi

    Definitely agree, your own photos are what makes your blog different from the others. I am also not even close to a pro, but trying and working on your skills does result in good photos, nobody was born with that.
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. Gabrielle

    Funny, I used to be embarrassed about carrying around my cam, but this gives me confidence.

    I do feel more comfortable behind a lens, and I enjoy, like you said, putting my twist on a ubiquitous image. I tend to like shooting behind the scenes at shows, rather than the runway, and having my own cam allows me to do so.

    It’s just gratifying to be able to say that you produced the second-hand artwork, rather than repurposing that of another.

    Great post. got me thinking.

    What about when you take your own photos of yourself? I feel like that can both help AND harm creativity.

    I’ll keep thinking on it.


    • Jamal

      I agree, i used to come to events and look around i was the only one dangling a cam around my neck. Now its more natural i dont mind anymore because i know i came for a reason i am “press”

      • rosemary (@nycstylecannoli)

        isn’t that a wonderful feeling!!


    I love taking pictures and I use them in my blog. However, I can’t resist posting pictures by Tommy Ton. I try to keep a healthy mix and mention my source.
    See you in my blog, maybe.

  4. Monica

    I love taking pictures but am sometimes embarrassed by my Canon point & shoot (until I see the images & realize not bad). Does take up more time in editing though & I can get lazy…which means I do use product images given by PR. I will add that readers do like personal pics better as I get more comments with my own images.

  5. Mancunian Vintage

    From a practical point of view – not only can you upload images immediately without having to wait for a pr team to send then on, but you also eliminate the headache of inadvertantly breaching the copyright on someone else’s images.


    • Bisous Natasha

      So true, though speaking of copyright. that’s another problem. Some people can just take your photos and use them as yours. I did self-portraits and took photos on my blog but now I have a friend to help me with outfit posts, but I do like to take my own photos when it comes to showrooms and presentations 😉

  6. Cynthia

    My main site is a mix of my own photos and images from others, including PR releases, contacts I’ve worked with and stock. Event images, if I’m attending are almost always my own and fashion shows are a mix. I shot from the pit at Toronto Fashion Week (oh, I’m sorry, World MasterCard Fashion Week) for the first time this season and LOVE IT! I actually get along better with photographers than other bloggers. I’m more lifestyle and generally have a more “grown-up” and less “me, me, me” outlook on my main site and definitely don’t over-do trends (so annoying).

  7. Annamarie

    This is a insightful post. I’m curious, what type of camera do you use?

    • Julia Dinardo

      Thanks Annamarie! I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ47 which now has a new model out; if you can find this one though, I strongly recommend it!!

  8. Oksana Radionova

    I would not say that I am a great photographer (and I’m not just being humble), but I always take my own photos and admire bloggers that do the same. It takes SO MUCH MORE WORK to not only produce original content (in terms of writing) but also design and photography, so any blogger that is willing to truly put in the time and effort (even if they’re not that good at it) needs to be praised, I believe. Besides, my readers seem to think I have “great photography skills.” They always comment how original my photos are, and that they’re “so different from what you usually see on other blogs.” XOXO


    • Bike Pretty

      I love your style!
      And you’re right. It is totally different from what you see on other fashion blogs.
      How did you develop your style?

      • Julia Dinardo

        Thank you! Your blog is awesome btw! What a great concept! Mine kind of happened as a coincidence; a combo of what just feels ‘right’ to me, and trial and error! 🙂

  9. Socialifechicago

    The main this is efficiency and urgency, sometimes if you cover an event you would rather have images right away and also to differentiate yourself and story you tell via the pictures. If you absolutely can’t take photos hire someone or partner w someone looking to build their portfolio but the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

    • Julia Dinardo

      Awesome suggestion! Sometimes having someone take photos is EVEN better!

  10. Melissa Cuentas

    Finally, someone who decided to post something like this, very helpful now I’ll tell you what I think about this.

    I started my “blogging” life in 2011, my blog was a fashion blog at that time, but I also wanted to share other things than just only fashion, fashion and fashion. As I was a newbie into the blogosphere, I did not anything about it. Anyhow, when I started off, I always wanted to do share of something from my life, how it was being me, and what I’ve been up to, but that was only a thought, I didn’t know how to do it either, so while I was running this blog, I used to post Editorial + Inspiration lookbooks that really caught my eye, and which made my stats increase on the blog, I was so happy but then, I was unsure whether I should keep doing this or not. It would affect me, because I had other things on mind for the blog. So after brainstorming, I had to make a decision.

    Why did I want to stop posting other pictures ? Well; the thing is, that many websites have the same pictures, there will be lot of blogs which will post the same ones, because they wanted to plus they also liked them, so I decided to stop doing it, my blog had a drastic change, I changed its name and also what it was about. It was a fahsion blog before, and now it’s a personal, lifestyle, photography and fashion one, all wrapped in one. I’ve notice that readers do not want to see the same pictures over and over again, which is very annoying, or that’s why I’ve seen throughout this “lesson-of-life” and decision I took last June/July, they want to know more about you, and what you’re really good at, what things happens in your life or what you’re up to, At any rate, I love taking my own pictures for the blog, people really like appreciate my work, since I do not have a professional camera yet, I try my best to impress them always! <3

    • Julia Dinardo

      “readers do not want to see the same pictures over and over again, which is very annoying,” — yes, I totally agree Melissa!

  11. Nikki Hodum

    As much as I love creating fun image boards and styling ideas with items I don’t own, I have really been trying to use more of my own images in my blog posts. For one thing, my own images make my blog unique. Plus, taking outfit pictures has taken me outside my comfort zone and created a challenge for me. I like being able to show my readers pieces that I actually own and how I really do wear them. One of my goals has been to increase the amount of my own images I use (as opposed to image boards). The one really challenging thing about having pictures taken of my outfits (besides the fact that I am not a model) is that my husband takes them… I am hoping to add more of my own photography this year too.

  12. punkrockparti

    I totally agree with this, it makes blogs way more original. Putting your own content out onto the web adds a fresh perspective.

    I would take it even another step further, by literally taking your own outfit photos. I don’t always want to bug my friends to take photos for me, so i invested in a tripod and remote and it has really been fun to experiment and get my photos just how i want.

  13. Tavoya

    I agree. As a reader I noticed that the blogs that i frequent most reguarlly post original content. I do not own a professional grade camera, any suggestions for the best type of camera to invest in? I am also on the hunt for a photography student to work with me on capturing personal style shots. I have been posting on my local Craigslist waiting for the right person.

    • Julia Dinardo

      I think this is a very personal choice, depending on your needs and budget. if uploading quickly and cutting out a step is important to you, make sure your camera has wifi, if you need zoom options, removable lenses, if you take a lot of your own pics, is remote-friendly. I’m partial to Panasonic and Sony, but a lot of my blogger friends also have Canon and Nikon

  14. Domenic

    sort of confused though.. does collaborating with photographers on outfit posts count as you taking your own photos? I like to do it so much more than setting up a tripod etc. I am working with an AMAZING photographer at the moment.

  15. sobrina

    I do take my own photo for my personal style, I have to admit I always feel a little embarrass with them because I always feel they could be better, but I do agree we all should push for originality. I also uses professional stuff for inspiration.

  16. Ally Chacon

    In the past I would take my compact camera everywhere with me, however I have forgotten how important it is to always have it on hand when I have a camera on my cell phone. Although the camera on my cell has the ability to take decent pics, I still think it is always better to take pictures with a real camera. This article has reminded me of that importance. Thank you! Now I have to search my compact camera!

  17. Alexandria Adair Vasquez

    I’m also not a great photographer, I can’t even say that I like taking pictures and I use either a point-and-shoot or my iPhone. That being said I’m still dedicated to taking my own pictures, because I feel it adds such a personal flair — and isn’t that the point of blogging? To help readers, by giving them a glimpse of our personal experiences?

  18. jewel

    I take my own photos. It’s tough, doing it alone and using the tripod but I find that the more I take my own photos the better I become. Still a work in progress tho.. Although, there are times where I’ve pinned photos and link the source but I try to take my own pics..

  19. Alessandra

    So true! I’ve to use more my camera and less my Iphone (I’m an Instagram addict), because I hate put Iphone pictures on my blog 🙂

  20. Whitney Worthington

    I think the biggest thing is photo ownership. If I take my own photos, I recognize them immediately and can maintain an identity for my blog that is more personal!

  21. Kathleen Lisson

    I use a blend of my own photos and photos sent by others. I will use milliners photos if I am interviewing them and the photo contributes to the story, and of course when I interview a hat wearer I use her photo. For my personal style photos, my husband takes all the pictures and I occasionally supplement with my own detail shots of the hats and accessories.


  22. Jamie

    A designer and I just had this conversation over the weekend & while giving me suggestions on my website, he kept emphasizing how it was all original content. Well, I just do street style Indianapolis, so lol, yeah it’s all my photos.

    Since I’m not a photographer by profession, I’ve received a lot of help from other fashion photographers who want to get their name out there. I just wish I met them earlier so I could have consulted with them on what to purchase.

    I did my own research and got a Nikon D300 (I’m a huge fan of Canon for their point & shoot cameras though). High end, but not pro pro & no video which made it cheaper. The only thing I regret is not choosing a body that does video! The one that came out right after, D300s has video, so I may end up upgrading. The newest ones, D800, are just out of my price range.

  23. insheepsclothes

    I usually take my own photos (or ask the husband to take them), but it’s especially hard to find the time lately with a 9-5 job and a 1-year-old in tow 🙂

  24. Jamal

    Seriously ! You hit it right on the nose!
    I am a new blogger and spent hours trying to figure out what I wanted to put in my about me section. I just put the truth ..all of my photos are mine unless stated otherwise. I think having a photo shows you really took the time out.
    Even though its something so little, thats what makes us bloggers stand out (the ones that just doesnt copy and paste) great read. Good luck to all of you

  25. Ariele Loewe

    I’m looking forward to doing some personal style blogging soon so will obviously be doing my own photography for such posts. To date though I have been using brand images which is both practical and enjoyable for me as a blogger, as I like piecing and outfit together each day starting from a blank canvas, from whatever inspires me on that day. I’m hoping that this shows in the outfits that I put together, and that not doing my own photography takes any value away from what I’m doing.

    As soon as summer arrives here in the UK I will be able to get outside and use natural light for some personal style bogs.

  26. Kendall

    I love this, I totally pride myself on taking my own photos.
    now that I am a photographer it is easier to see why – but it started because I had a tripod and a self timer.

    to this day, I still take my own shots – and they turn out perfectly because its how I imagined them.

  27. rosemary (@nycstylecannoli)

    I use 99% of my own photographs on my blog. It amazes me how many blogs just take photos off the internet and have a zillion followers. It takes a lot of time to edit them and make collages if I am going to use that form in my post. But I am proud my blog is mine and original and that is all that matters. When I do use images provided to me, say for a press release, I feel weird getting the post done so quickly. Plus you have the issue too of copyright with other’s photos and just because you give them credit, doesn’t mean they will be ok with you using their shots.

  28. Julie L

    Great post! I totally agree on all the things that you said here. I take my own photos and it really bothers me if someone tries to use it without my permission. Now I make sure that all my photos have my mark.

  29. Asia

    I just recently purchased a Canon Rebel T4i because I felt my blog would improve waaaaaayyyy more with original photos. I want to take street style photos and also attend events as press rather than a guest. I love to be in the back of the house rather than the front. I have sooo much to learn about photography but I’m willing to give my all and I take my camera EVERYWHERE. And just like you, I’m rotating between dslr and my phone. I’m so excited for this summer and all the amazing events and happenings that my camera and I are waiting to capture.

  30. Alexandra Haygood

    I completely agree! These unique, personal photos are the exact essence of a blog. Otherwise, it would be just another style website.

    xo, Alex

    Vast Aspiration