3 Reasons Why The ‘Follow For Follow’ Marketing Tactic Doesn’t Work For Bloggers

Follow For Follow Tactic

“Hello blogger! Cool post. Here's a link to my blog. Please follow me and I'll follow you back. Have a good day.”

Does this sound familiar?

I've talked about the “psychology” of a commenter, and how “hater” comments suck, but what about the “follow me and I'll follow you” comments that often fill up under a post, your email box, or IFB messaging system? See examples below:

Follow Me Please

Follow Me On Twitter

Follow For Commenter

Follow Each Other Request

I can understand why some of you are vocal about your frustration with this tactic — and I'm here to say I agree with you. While self-promotion is a part of the blogging game, sending out floods of mass, impersonal messages could actually hurt your blogging reputation more than help.

Why the “follow me and I'll follow you” marketing tactic doesn't actually build a strong readership…

  • First, and most importantly, you should really only follow and promote blogs you genuinely enjoy. Readers pick up on who you are endorsing and, in a way, it's a reflection on you. Stay true to what inspires you and save your “follows” for bloggers who actually matter to you.
  • The “I'll follow you if you follow me” tactic may get you a sweep of initial followers, but the reality is that it's not a long-lasting plan, especially for engagement. Sure, they may “follow” you, but are they commenting on or sharing your posts? Are they offering advice and engaging in conversation? Probably not. In fact, if they aren't even reading your blog, you're not even getting more page views. What's the point of having a follower if they aren't a genuine reader?
  • For the people you are messaging, it may feel like spam or disingenuous. When you are constantly bombarding people with vague “follow me!” messages, it leaves a sour taste much (akin to junk emails). However, if you are genuinely interested in collaborating with a blogger, write them a well thought out email about why you like their blog, what your blog is all about, and why you two would be a good fit to work together. This way you are building an organic relationship that could be lasting over time, not just a temporary boost.

Have you tried the “follow me and I'll follow you” tactic? What do you think about it?

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80 Responses

  1. VIKBeauty


    Great post! It’s extremely annoying! Just like you’ve said, I want people to follow my blog because they are genuinely interested in the content. Surely it is better to have a few followers who engage with you and actually read your posts than having hundreds/thousands who don’t. Blogger politics!


    • mes bijoux

      I totally agree with you VikBeauty! it not depens on quantyty of followers, it depends on the quality of them. I think that in my country (I live in Barcelona) this is a very usual tactic. Arrrrg!

  2. Akvile

    For giveaways, whatever, but all these “follow me” recently is all I see in my IFB inbox. And when it’s a message to multiple readers… Maybe it’s some spam-trend (attractive at first glance but not so effective) that bloggers need to grow from 🙂


  3. Jessica

    No, never tried it and never will. I’ve never asked anybody to follow me and don’t think anybody should. It should be earned! If you post good content you will earn followers, plain and simple 🙂 At the most, ask for people to check it out, but follow for follow is just a waste of time. Good article, thanks!

  4. Andria Rivers

    I’ve never done it nor do I like it. If I receive a message like that I respond by saying I will check out their blog and follow them if I like it. I can’t blindly follow a blog I don’t enjoy

    Indie Punk Goddess

  5. Courtney

    These are all of the type of messages I get on here. Sadly, I’ve only had one person send me a GENUINE comment telling me how she loved my blog and would appreciate if I would check hers out and I actually did! These annoying “Follow me, I’ll follow you” messages have got to stop because it makes me not want to even check my messages.

    • Samantha

      I was just about to post this EXACT comment. I hate these messages – they flood my inbox, and I nearly missed the only message from a girl who’d actually provided me with some feedback on my blog. Follow requests are unprofessional, desperate, and frankly, they can’t possibly be working all that well.

      And now, I’m off to check out your blog. Funny how that works! 😉

  6. Valentina

    I literally get messages like that everyday, either through an ask box or through email submissions and it takes up most of my time when going through my morning emails. Never done it myself though.

  7. moiminnie

    Thank God someone wrote an article on this raging problem!! And a great one too! It evolved as some kind of trend but as you already pointed out, it’s not helpful in gaining readership, moreover it will only hurt your reputation! I’ve never used this method because I’m only interested in genuine readership and people who really enjoy my blog. And I sure hope people would stop spamming with those kind of comments/e-mails when they read this!


  8. Katie

    Thank you for writting this. I hate the “follow and I’ll follow back” tactic I personally have not done it but since joining IFB thats all I’ve ever gotten and its extremely annoying. In the beginging I thought they were being sincere but seeing that no one actually retruned the favor or even replied when I wrote them back was well…rather rude.
    Hopefull those who do this tacky tactic will read this and learn.

  9. Tania

    I may be the only person here who thinks so, but I actually think the follow for following thing works to some degree. Obviously the most important thing to work on when you want to build a readership is having good content. But you can have the best content in the world, and no one is going to see it if you don’t put it out there. With bloggers, unfortunately, most are focused on building their own blogs and out there trying to promote themselves as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship to check out each other’s blogs and follow each other. I have seen some pretty mediocre blogs out there with tons of followers and it’s obvious that they are all follow for follows because they don’t really get any comments on their posts. But if your content is thoughtful and engaging, I think your followers will be interested regardless of how they found your blog. Even though it’s hard to find the time, I try really hard to keep up with those of my followers who read and comment on my blog regularly.


    • Carisa

      I agree with this! it works to some extent. a lot of my follwers are from ifb and follow and they comment and view my blog regularly and i comment back! if your willing to build a relationship with those that come to your blog even through follow/follow they are likely to keep coming back, having good content helps too!

      although i agree with everyone the mass spaming is dumb, some even say “welcome to ifb” ive been here for awhile so idk why your sending me that hahaha

  10. Miss Bad

    I never did it : ) When I started blogging I kep myself mute for a whole month and then I started adding my URL… when I decided I wanted for someone who I considered big or at least important enough for me I would send and email and ask for their honest opinion !

  11. Marcia

    This whole “follow for follow” thing is exactly why I don’t take my IFB inbox seriously anymore. Having thousands of followers because you “follow for follow” is like having tons of people you don’t know as friends on Facebook: basically pointless.

    • Z

      Yes! It’s having fake followers. Those people are never going to look at your blog – they have thousands of others on their homefeed.

    • snowblackblog

      I completly agree with you. I used to think I had genuine messages on IFB until I realised they are ALL the same follow me back nonsense. Are people serious? It’s not just IFB but instagram as well. How sad of a world have we become where we need to buy followers or spam people’s inbox to get attention ?! I honestly click “Select All” and “Delete”.

      • Lavinya Royes

        yes i joined this site a couple days ago and since then my msg box has been flooded with follow for follow msgs. its tempting i can’t lie but then you realise the bigger picture. everybody wants their blog to be well received and noticed but your right these msgs and “followers” are not helping anybody.

  12. Sarah's Real Life

    Thaaaaank yooouuuu….I hope every IFB member reads this. Well, certain IFB members, that is! I agree with these points and I really doubt that the “follow for follow” scheme has actually helped anyone grow their blog traffic. I ignore “follow me” messages, but anyone who (in a non-pushy way) asks if I’ll “check out” their blog, sure. Some people are just reaching out to potential readers and want honest feedback. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Sarah’s Real Life

  13. Rachel

    Every single time I log on at IFB my inbox is flooded with these, I just feel like its so insincere and isn’t what blogging is really all about. There are so many different genres of blogs, and mass messages like that basically drive me crazy

  14. Molen

    great post, yes follow to follow doesnt works and is not good for the credibility of each blogger. I adore to support and follow new bloggers but i dont request follow me back, i realy love to follow and I dont care if they dont follow me back.. cause is not ethic.

    Great post again

  15. Meredith & Gwyneth

    Thank you so, so much for posting this!

    The constant stream of “Follow me, and I’ll follow you” messages are so annoying! The ones that are clearly mass emails and say, “Great post. Follow me, and I’ll return the favor. Kisses!” are downright tacky. The problem is so widespread that whenever I see an email from the IFB Message system in my inbox, I assume it’s another plea for followers that I will immediately delete. 9 out of 10 times I am right.

    If you are a fashion blogger, chances are you don’t wear one mass-produced t-shirt and one pair of mass-produced jeans every single day for every single occasion. Instead, you carefully craft an outfit that’s appropriate for the place you’re going and the people you’ll encounter there. And I bet that on most days you do this more than once. You do this so you stand out as unique, appropriate and as someone with a point of view. Why not try that approach to meeting new bloggers?

  16. Sheryl Blasnik

    I am so glad that someone at IFB has finally addressed this issue. My inbox is flooded with these requests and I wish IFB would start monitoring this activity and address it as Blog Trends has done.

    It does feel like Spam at times….. A friendship request is fine but please no more “follow me” with 7 different links following …..

    Thanks all


  17. Malika


    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing about this! I have been a member of IFB for some time now, but have stayed away for this exact reason. Every time I would log on I would be welcomed with a flood of generic, and empty spam messages from people scheming the same lines, one after another, after another, after another.

    Eventually I felt like a big chunk of the independent fashion blogger community was just full of a bunch of desperate disingenuous people. Fair weather fans are never the answer, I’d choose a dozen good followers over a large, yet meaningless number of followers any day.

    Maybe this article with catch a few eyes and the spamming ‘follow for follow’ montra will finally end. Best article I have read so far, keep it up!


    • Rita

      I agree with Malika. This type of thing really put me off when I first joined. I actually told a couple of people in the beginning (before I realized that it was a “thing”) that following is something you should do if you so feel like. I don’t want a bunch of stats on my blog and none of them represent people who actually are interested in it. Rather be talking to myself!

  18. Hannah Elizabeth

    I hate all the messages i get in my IFB inbox with these messages, when i first joined I did reply to them but now I just ignore them because I find it so annoying.

    Please stop doing it people!!

  19. Paula Aquino

    I just joined the IFB community last night and gosh I was bombarded with 15 messages full of these. I wasn’t annoyed but I was sooo confused on what to do if I’m gonna follow them or not. I hope every IFB member reads this.

  20. Daisy Quijada

    I have to agree with you! I just started yesterday here in IFB. At first, I was glad because many message me that they are willing to follow me only if i follow them too…and blah blah. For a day, i’ve noticed that most of the message are the same. And it’s so annoying, REALLY!


  21. Angelica Lainis

    Well I get tons of Follow for Follow’s every day in my IFB inbox. I always say I will look at their blogs (which I genuinely do), give out my site as well and if they are in my genre or I like them, I’ll follow. I get annoyed though by people who get upset when I don’t follow – like they’re constantly watching their GFC. I don’t promise anyone follows. Neither do I send out these messages. I’d rather have people who have seen my blog to give feedback or tell me what they think of it.

    For me I don’t expect people to follow my blog. Neither do I feel the need to follow everyone. I made that mistake when I first started out but realized it’s MY blog. I can CHOOSE what other blogs I want to read. If people like your blog they will follow. I believe that followers should genuinely enjoy reading and viewing your blog – that’s a healthy follower.

    PS. I also get annoyed with the long chain messages that are sent out to 27 people. Plus there is no way to opt out of these messages. It’s really irritating. If you want to get my attention message me privately.

    • Barbara

      OMG, that is exactly what I do too Angelica. But dang those requests are sooooooo annoying. I am actually yet to get an actual good one and I have seriously wondered if there isn’t a way to deactivate my IFB inbox, lol.

  22. Isla

    I agree with the other people. My inbox gets spammed with them! I follow ones that I like, but the majority of the blogs sent to me aren’t actually very good. I’d rather have readers who care about my posts and interact than ones who never even click them!

  23. Cylia Herbertson

    yess.. finally an article about this! I wanted to mention it and maybe e-mail about it, because all I seem to get in my message box is follow you follow me. I kept deleting every one of them, and was wondering if anybody felt the same way. Thanks for writing this article!

  24. Susann Akers

    I was thinking about this – My inbox is full of these messages. Perhaps people dont know any better. I have had some awful messages though when I first started on IFB the worst one was “Hi Newbie follow me and and I follow back ! ” I did reply to her saying ” My name is Susann ” never heard from her again. Some else wanted 1000 followers (why ?) I am begging you to follow me she said.

    Maybe have you inbox full of spam is just an occupational hazard that happens when you post your blog on IFB.

    Perhaps the owners and the moderators need to get a bit tougher, not by banning people, but explaining to them that this sort of behavior will not help with getting their blog promoted.
    Thanks for this article

  25. Yazmina from Girl with a Banjo

    I am a BIG fan of collaborating with bloggers. I really am. Specially because I try to find something unique and genuine in all the people I get to know. And if I ever write about a blogger, it’s because I truly believe in what he/she is expressing through his/her blog. I can’t make people excited about something I am not excited at all!
    I find these junk messages SO ANNOYING. I receive dozens and trozens of these messages through IFB each and every day. I am almost scared of visiting the community and participating, because that way all the spammers will immediately see my profile and send me one of these boring impersonal messages.
    In fact, I covered this issue on my section “The Blogger’s Desk” since I was one of the recipients of the “wanna follow each other? :D” message. Tuh!
    Here’s the link to the post: http://www.girlwithabanjo.com/?s=kashara

    THANKS A LOT FOR THIS ARTICLE! I hope spammers will read it.

  26. aj

    I am a massive fan of keeping up with my favorite blogs and I’ve only got about 4 followers. But I prefer having an organic following then people that are just looking to up their Follow numbers.
    Blogging has never worked that way and there is a good reason behind it!
    You blog because you are passionate about your content and enjoy informing and expressing your thoughts and opinions.
    Follow me I follow you is the worst blogging technique and ITS NOT COOL!

  27. Sarah

    Oh thank goodness! Finally this may start sinking in to people.

    I actually sign with disappointment when I go through my comments and I read one that finishes with “follow me and I’ll follow you back!” no, if you like my blog follow it purely because you like it and not because you want more followers! Chances are if you want me to follow you leave a nice comment and I’m much more likely to check out your blog and follow it.

    I never EVER look at someones blog if they send me a follow for a follow request but 98% of the time I follow someone if they leave a nice comment.

    Thanks again for this post!

    Sarah x

  28. Lisa Sparkles

    Great article, my thoughts exactly!
    When I first started on IFB, I thought, this is so nice to get all these welcome messages, that thought lastet for the first 15-20 messages and then it was rather annoying.

    If some one sends me a nice e-mail that shows me that they actually already took a look at my blog or at least my IFB profile, I really appreciate it!

  29. Elissa

    This is really interesting because I’m still new to IFB/the blogosphere and I believe all but one of the messages I’ve received has been a follow-for-follow message. I go to the link, I like if I think I can actively engage with them, but you know what? A lot of them don’t follow. I have 36 messages and 7 follows on Bloglovin’. I’m not stressing about my stats at all, but its especially ineffective if you’re not holding up your end of the deal. Some approach things more meekly, “Hi, I’m Susie Q this is my blog if you enjoy it I have a facebook/bloglovin/etc page…”

    I think its a better use of my time as a new blogger to comment and read the blogs I like and reach out to the people who are commenting and sharing my content.

    I think I’m a strong writer and I have some great articles to offer and that’s what I want to be seen for.

    xoxo Elissa


  30. Brandy


    This is some great in-site, especially for a beginner like me. This would have been useful for me two weeks ago when I started adding my link after commenting on other blogs and when receiving more traffic than I had been getting, I received a lot of these requests. I obliged because I was happy to have some more readers, and wanted to be supportive, but in the end it doesn’t feel too much like a tight-knit community of followers that are genuinely interested in what I have to say. With that being said I feel almost confused at the best way to market yourself without following back a blog you are only half interested in.


  31. Sheryl Blasnik

    I just left a comment yesterday asking the bloggers to stop spamming me with “Follow Me” e-mails and yet it still rages on today.

    Dear IFB staff: Please take a stand and put an end to this. Blog Trends sent out an e-mail to all their members saying they would be suspended for such behavior. Maybe you could think about a kind way to deal with this.

    Sheryl B

  32. Kathleen Lisson

    Absolutely agree. The overflowing spammy inbox is one of the reasons I don’t use IFB’s website to connect to bloggers. Articles = Top Notch. Forums = Not So Much.
    As a niche blogger, I notice that most of my comments are from long term commenters. When I comment on the top rated fashion blogs, I see my “follow for follow” comments increase.

  33. Alicia Chew

    Everyone on IFB should be required to read this post before they join. I hate getting spammed! I don’t really check my IFB friend requests/messages anymore cause I know it’s the same unoriginal “follow me” message! I just try to find blogs I like and avidly read them and comment and I’m flattered when blogs who I enjoy like mine back.

  34. Mercedes

    I’m glad this has been address for I just joined ifb this past week and within 30 minutes I already had 4 messages asking me to follow them and they will follow me back. The sad part was that most were generic copy and paste messages that obviously meant that they truly didn’t even bother to learn my name. I just delete the messages but I feel bad for the girls with over an 100 followers but no comments or feedback on their blog posts.

  35. Meda N

    This was one of the reasons I left IFB the firt place, two years ago. When I saw that the website has gotten a serious facelift, I subscribed again. But I think that some things just will never change. I still receive these “Follow me, I’ll follow” you message, even on my own blog! Can’t the IFB staff do something about these annoying spam mails? This ruins the blogosphere while we are just here to share the one thing we all have in common; fashion..

  36. Sabillah Maulita

    thanks for sharing this post!!!
    Yes! and im always get that message at my inbox x_x
    thanks Chelsea!
    and i NEVER did it. actually, i just read the message and reply it:)


  37. Arleen Diaz

    Totally agree! Maybe IFB should make a post on “Instead of doing this… do THIS!” with more effective, long-term tactics for increasing your audience, other than just the typical “create good content and people will come”. Even though it should be the starting point for every blog, there’s a big chance than no one will ever find our blogs without some sort of strategy. Don’t you agree?

  38. Taylor D

    I totally agree! The majority of the messages I get on my blog are about “follow me’s”. It’s so annoying! I think people should follow blog just because they purely love them, not because they are trying to get more followers and readers themselves. If you just follow people because they agreed to follow you, you’re going to end up following a lot of blogs that you don’t even care about. You aren’t really a genuine follower.

    -Xoxo Tay

  39. Ren Ohayon

    I read the article and I really felt connected to her, I’m pretty new here on the site and do not really know how it works .. I got a lot of messages and I really did follow all the suggested blog I hope that it will happen to my blog or at least I get comments to improve and what to fix .. Comments written after the second message had few .. I will usually wait and I believe that after that delete the message .. Too bad it was such a phenomenon that it really is a nice site .. Expect a more positive attitude later .. And really like you become interested blog not just enter ..

    <3 Ren

  40. Sabina

    Heh, I love that you posted about what I’m always griping about in the comments here–spammy “follow me” pleas in comments sections.

    So yeah I can safely say I’ve never done that, although there have been times when I’ve felt obligated to follow people back because they asked and weren’t completely obnoxious about it.

  41. Blondies Style Fix <3

    this tactic drives me mad! I only joined IFB a few weeks ago, and although i just love it. Trying to distinguish genuine bloggers who send lovely messages to welcome you with ‘hey follow me, and i’ll follow you’ bloggers, who just want to make their blog look more impressive! Though it’s really worth it to see a message from someone who genuinly has checked out your blog and has some lovely comments or advice to give you – it really boosts your confidence, and gives the support that IFB was designed to allow!
    so yeah – ‘follow me and i’ll follow you’ …. just kidding! 🙂
    Grace X

  42. Amber

    I’ve actually STOPPED logging in to my IFB account altogether for this exact reason. At first I tried to fight all the e-mails, but it seemed like just got more, lol.

  43. ivana

    There are thousands of blogs out there, a great variety that readers can choose from, and I think it’s naive to sit and wait.
    It is part of advertizing and support between bloggers to keep our passion going.


  44. Rachelle Porsenna

    They are so annoying, the thing is if you comment on my posts I always check out your blog and if I like it I will follow on Bloglovin so really all you have to do is leave a link to your site. If you want to leave me a genuine message I’ll appreciate it but I actually want followers that just love my site.


  45. Anna

    It’s a good thing you touched that topic…I didn’t like that from day one that I joined IFB and lately I’m getting an influx of those messages. I really hope that those bloggers sending such messages take some note and stop spamming us every day!

  46. Bruno

    I am a newcomming blogger, with just a week. I have had other blog before and I had never done “follow for follow” but now I decided to do it and in less than a week I got 45 followers which is great.
    Commenting on peoples blog and say “follow for follow” in the end is a great way to start conversation. You can ask a question or make a comment that is actually a sentece and still put it in the end. Not only will you be getting a follower but also a coment.
    Plus if you keep up with all of those blogs and comment on their post regarding what they post because most people only comment “nice post” or “great outfit” you will stand out and stablish a relationship with all those blogger.

  47. beka nicole

    People constantly do this and it bugs me! It makes me wonder if people are ACTUALLY reading my blog instead of just advertising its very disrespectful and honestly a waste of time. A blog should be followed for good content, not for a follow for follow so sad:/

  48. Kristin Noel

    I really don’t think it works at all. I agree that you should follow only the blogs you genuinely enjoy & let those blogs know what you enjoy about them because they will be the ones that follow you & read religiously & then promote you to their fan base.

  49. Alina

    Since starting my blog about a month ago I get these comments and messages every single day. At the beginning by this way I was introduced to some of the blogs I now like, but most of the times it’s just spam in my eyes. I still have a look at the blogger’s profile to see if they have an interesting blog, but I much much more appreciate a genuine and thoughtful comment. I always try to contribute something as well, I never spammed and never will!

  50. Bianca

    SPAM! i completely agree. anytime i see that kind of comment or post on social media I ignore it. Most likely it is a bot. I feel like blogging and social media is all about relationships and connections, why half ass it with automated postings? Bad marketing.

  51. advertising on web

    I really appreciate you to have came up with such an important topic.I totally agree with this post!The reason for why this follow for follow tactic does not works are genuinely pointed out in this post and are totally correct! I am very much impressed!

  52. Jacqueline Jax

    Honestly I don’t mind it because at least I’m getting introduced to some new blogs and the bloggers do respond more personally once answered. If you love blogging and really do want to meet other bloggers just embrace the messages and turn them into a personal out reach. It’s all in how you respond.
    Xoxo, Jax

    • tofi caroline

      Totally agree. At the end of the day, there are so many bloggers. Anyone that thinks he/she can make it without instigating some form of a ‘follow me, follow back’ tactic is living in la la land. I get these messages and I send these messages and through this tactic, I have been able to get real genuine followers. http://www.stylebycarola.blogspot.co.uk

  53. Nasreen

    I hate when people do this! I understand asking to check out your blog but not asking for follows. I want people to follow me because they genuinely like what i post and will comment and give me feedback

  54. Nina

    Follow for follow doesn’t necessarily work either — I’ve had people message me with their blog info telling me they’d love my info and that they’d totally follow me back. If I genuinely enjoy their blog I’ll follow on Bloglovin or whatever, leave feedback, let them know, and don’t hear back from them. Ever. :/ Networking is tough cookies!


  55. Apples

    I have never done it – and I find it to be the most annoying thing ever. It’s even more annoying when you leave someone a nice thoughtful comment and then they visit your blog and leave the follow me/visit my blog/i’ll follow you back SMH

    Stop doing it – it’s so dumb! It’s almost as bad as the “check out my pictures” or “LB” or “L4L” on Instagram. GTFO!

  56. LittleMissKat

    That’s usually the only thing I see in here. I am kinda disappointed because I’m new to fashion blogging and what I would like are some actual feedbacks for my blog rather than follows and no readers. And to top the fact that it is usually an impersonal mail directed to every random person here MOST PEOPLE DON’T RETURN THE FOLLOW!I am kind enough to take the time and read everyone’s mail and respond accordingly but I think it’s plain RUDE and dis-respective when a blogger asks for follows and doesn’t return. Well, excuse me, but I will un-follow every single blog that didn’t follow me back. I am not stupid nor a fool and I demand some respect! If you are to use it as a tactic at least keep your word!
    PS: feel free to inbox me if you disagree.

  57. Catherine

    So happy you brought it up! Gave me a huge sigh of relief to hear someone else talking about it.

  58. Lauren@Styleseer

    I send welcome messages to new IFB members as a way of introducing myself and my blog, The Styleseer. When I first joined IFB I received a number of welcome messages,, which I appreciated. I think it’s a nice gesture, but I never ask anyone to check out my blog or to follow.

    Many of the return messages I receive are “follow for follow” requests, which are both annoying and silly. I want followers who are genuinely interested in my work and I would think other bloggers would want the same.


  59. DeniseAngela

    My blog is new & within the first day I was flooded with the follow me….follow you. I know from looking over other blogs that have over a 1700 followers but only 2 comments that this how they must of done it (especially when one of the comments are follow me). It seems pointless if these followers are not interested or reading your blog. 3 out of my 8 followers have over 1000 followers & somewhere between 60 & 140 comments….why?……because they actually read & participate…even ask me questions. So be genuine & follow because you actually like reading a blog.

  60. Rita

    I just got two different people send the same message. It seems a bit more evolved now but still a bit annoying as it doesn’t sound genuine. It goes as follows:

    “Hi fellow blogger! One of the reasons I started blogging is because I hope to get to know / discover more blogs and bloggers! Want to follow each other on Google Friend Connect / Bloglovin’ / other? Follow me and leave a note on my blog if you’d like, and I’ll follow you back! Either way, I’d love to hear from you!”

    I do want to connect with other bloggers. But that’s the thing “connect”. If you send me a message that looks and sounds like there’s no person behind it, just some automate mass message, why would I want to spend my time investing on such a relationship?

    There’s so much info out there and such limited time. Make it count people 🙂

  61. Zuriel Sophocardius

    I did this to three people, but then I got annoyed of myself doing it after those three times (Yes I’m that lazy). So I never did it again. I also don’t go on the forums any more, or even read any messages. I’m mainly on IFB for the articles now cause the community forum is full of those kind of posts.

  62. Rachel

    So glad you addressed this! It’s extremely annoying but I feel bad not at least answered these emails… All 40 of them with that ‘follow me I’ll follow you’ line I’ve received in the last few weeks!

    It’s much better to actually check out a blog then message the IFB user with something like,
    “Hey my name is Jane, I checked out your blog yesterday and loved it so much I’m now following you on Bloglovin’. We have really similar style so you might like my blog too.
    Personally I’d be WAY more likely to respond to something like that!

  63. Ruins Barry

    This is so true. I try to stick following blogs that are more my style and interest. Great Post & I Hope Everyone Takes This To Heart.

  64. chicfantastique

    I like writing my blog and don’t want to feel like I’m being held to ransom in a way by being asked for follow another blogger if they follow me.
    If I genuinely like a blog I will follow of my own accord and event promote through my Twitter and leave my own comments.

  65. Heather

    AMEN! Those follow me and I’ll follow you tactics make me crazy! If you like my blog, please follow… if you don’t – that’s okay too 🙂

    Pearls & Paws

  66. Shevon Miller

    Im new on IFB and well my inbox got flooded with these messages. I would love people to check out my blog but I want real feedback and not just someone looking to gain a follower. I message people because I really like something I saw them wrote. But that follow for follow is really crazy. Even o. Instagram they do it. Much rather have 2 legit readers then 100 of who never read my blog at all but follow me.

  67. vurthious

    it does not build a strong relationship yes but there are blogs with 10000 visits and has good content and yet no followers and no one subscribing to these blogs and am not attacking you but when you come and stat that Follow 4 Follow is a bad idea please let people know how you also got so many followers i understand you have a good website with great content but ofc you didnt get that much readers and being on the first page on google search that easy you also did things like View4View or even bought traffic unless you want to convince me that you actually started your website and kept posting content till you magically got to where you are today on the first page in google am only stating facts not insulting you.

  68. Gabrielle teare

    Something I did at the beginning which worked was to join forces with bloggers in other countries follow is a way of doing this. I chose ones I loved and we guest posted for each other so I am in London go to London fashion week, Mimi is in new York/ NYFW, etc and we all linked to each other. When I do editorial I also always ask for follow and I follow them. PR do not do bloglovin so I have more feacebook and twitter . The key thing is to try things some will work some not. And ……. get a good camera if you go to the fashion weeks is v hard to get good photos sometimes the models almost run down the catwalk and the light can be terrible so you need all the help you can get Bisous xx Gabrielle

  69. Gabrielle teare

    I have a professional style and beauty blog which gets now 2.5m/month. 6 of us write stylists, trend researchers and fashiion students. It is ranked 5th globally for traffic for image consultant.
    I think that if you want a successful blog you have to market it and follow me is a way to do this.

    I also send facebook like requests to gain likes

    All the fashion and beauty PR companies routinely ask for followers this is a standard marketing tactic.

    I am a stylist and my blog is a business tool I like checking out other blogs and I always follow those who follow me I have c 8000 twitter followers for example.

    Some of you blog pictures for a hobby and that is fine but some of us do it professionally as well.

    • Gabrielle teare

      There are some superb blogs here I like reading them and this is a source fro me of some fab places to browse I try and help new bloggers all the time

  70. belle

    Precisely! If you want to get in touch with a fellow blogger or whatsoever. You must know how to get their heart 🙂 And an email is one of the best thing to do. Sending them an email would give a more personal feels about you wanting a collab with them or whatever your plan is. Make your message look personal and sincere.