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4 Perfect Master’s Degrees for Bloggers

Master Degrees for Bloggers

Owning a profitable blog is a dream come true for many. While the ability to manage your own content flow, promote your company, and host for a growing audience are rewarding aspects of being a blog owner, there are also many challenges. Advancing your education by way of a master’s degree is one way to learn more about how to manage the challenges and tackle the unexpected. Here are five programs you might consider.

Master’s in Business Administration

The MBA is the most traditional route for business and includes coursework in all aspects of it, but it can also be useful for blog owners too. Topics covered in a standard MBA program include basics of accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, and management, all of which can be useful for managing a blog and its readers. You will get to explore the analytical, functional, and ethical aspects of business and will generally be offered an intern or apprenticeship opportunity to transition your learning into the real world. If you’re looking for a course of work that is broad in scope but still offers valuable insight, the Master’s in Business Administration might be the right route for you.

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

As a blog owner, you will be responsible for a staff of writers, editors, and web specialists. You’ll want to make sure they are engaged in their work, committed to the blog’s growth, and relevant to your brand. To do this, you’ll want to fine-tune your leadership skills and make sure your staff trusts and values you as their leader. Consider enrolling in a master’s in leadership online. In the program you’ll generally learn communication and management tactics that will help you earn the respect of your fellow blog writers, other blogs, and your subscribers.

Master’s in Marketing Research

Whether your blog is product-based or content-based, you’ll want to be savvy about marketing your brand. A degree in marketing will help you explore the basics of human behavior and best set you up for success in getting your blog recognized by the community. You’ll learn tactics on initial release as well as ways to analyze the results and make adjustments to your strategy as necessary. A successful marketing campaign is critical to any blog, so you might consider exploring this option.

Master’s in Applied Economics

As we all know, the economy plays a crucial role in the success of most businesses, but if your blog is designed to promote a product, you might need to know about it as well. A degree in economics will help you better understand and prepare for market shifts. You’ll learn both the micro and macro aspects of economics, the ups and downs of online purchases, and statistical practices for best positioning your blog in today’s economy.


Regardless of which blog venture you choose, graduate coursework can go a long way in preparing you to be a successful blog owner. Think critically about the program you choose and make sure it will provide you with the skill set you need to carry out your goals in creating a valuable online resource for viewers.

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