5 Common Challenges for New Bloggers and How to Deal With Them

Common Challenges New Bloggers

Blogging is a challenging job–especially when there are already thousands of bloggers around you for every niche. Even if you have been a blogger for many years, you will still find something new every day. If you are new to blogging, you are probably going to face (or have already faced) many challenges in the beginning. Some of these challenges can be materialistic and some are related to your mindset. This article touches on 5 common challenges faced by newer bloggers and a couple of ways for you to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Over expecting and demotivation

The 1st challenge you might face as a new blogger–sometimes even before you start–is the feeling of demotivation and pressure you might feel when you see other famous blogs. You know the ones… Those high-definition pictures, fancy websites, high number of followers, sponsored posts, and big jargon words. One look at these things can easily make any newcomer doubt themselves.

But it's important to understand that the most important thing to start your blog is self confidence. As a new blogger, you should not be seeing your present in those famous blogs, but your blog's future. Those famous bloggers were once beginners and it took them a lot of hard work, time, and patience to make their blog reach where it is now. Don't make the mistake of making those famous bloggers your fear instead of your inspiration!

Challenge #2: What to write in your “About Me” page

When it comes to writing an “About Me” section on your blog, it can probably come as an intimidating task to a newer blogger. What should you write about yourself and how can you introduce your blog when it is so new? Your About Me page will be your first interaction with your readers. How do you decide what you should even put in there? Do you write about your blog or do you include a little bit of information about yourself too?

The solution to this is actually quite simple: Write the truth, be casual, and be interactive. You can also go through your favorite bloggers' About Me pages before writing yours to give you some examples of the kind of language and depth your About Me page should be like.

Challenge #3: Picture quality for your blog posts

One very common challenge for any blogger starting out is how to create those high quality HD photos that you see in all the other popular blogs. Being a newbie, you might think that a blog can be a hit just by using DSLR quality pictures. While having a DSLR for your photography is amazing, that doesn't mean you can't be a blogger if you do not have a DSLR. What really matters is your content, your interaction with your readers, the presentation of your posts, and most importantly the uniqueness of your posts.

Picture quality does matter, but you can even use your smartphone to snap photos and still have a successful blog as long as your content is amazing. There are so many photo editing tools and apps these days that people can hardly tell the difference between smartphone photos and DSLR ones anyways. You can definitely get away with only using photos you take with your phone as long as you make sure your content is unique, memorable, and interactive.

Challenge #4: Making money through your blog

A common challenge every new blogger faces is how to make money from your blog. It's true that blogging can be a good source of income, just like when you play on 카지노사이트 , and it's just about every blogger's fantasy is to earn a living through their blog. But this isn't something that a new blogger should be thinking about, and it definitely shouldn't be the main motivation for starting a blog. Never blog to earn. Blog because you are here to share something you are passionate about. Blog because you have something in your tool box that can please people and blog because you want to learn. Earning money through your blog can certainly happen, but only if you blog without expecting any pay in return.

Blogging needs patience and time. When the day comes that you get frustrated about not earning any income through your blog, remember that it will happen but it takes time! Do not stop, do not worry, and most important, keep blogging.

Challenge #5: Driving traffic to your blog post

The final challenge commonly faced by new bloggers is getting traffic to your blog posts. I think every blogger, whether new or old, commonly faces this challenge. Initially, you will not get much traffic at all. This might demotivate you, but remember that followers, views, visitors, comments, will all come with time and hard work. Keep in mind that you are blogging because you want to share your unique thoughts about something you know with like minded people. If you keep on writing good content, eventually traffic to your blog will increase.

Increasing traffic to your blog takes time–and it's not going to happen overnight. It's important to not over expect anything. Don't let less traffic or no traffic affect your spirit and your positive attitude. Remember, blogging is a tough job and patience is the key to success in the blogging world.

If you're trying to get more traffic to your blog posts, you can work on increasing traffic by promoting your posts on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also register your blog to a good bloggers community. For example, one of the best fashion blogger communities is the IFB community! It can help with increasing your blog traffic, but you will also learn so many new tips and tricks to improve your blog content.

What are some other challenges you face (or faced) as a newbie blogger? Comment below with more tips and advice!

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