5 Tips For Creating A Blog Vision Board That Works

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Unlock the power of visualizing your goals and make them happen in 2012.


By Christina Brown, LoveBrownSugar.com


Yesterday I purchased my very first DSLR camera. As a fashion blog owner of just over two years, this is a major accomplishment in my little blog’s life. Having amazing photos will help take my site to another level. Above buying the actual camera yesterday, I accomplished something even more grand. Something that has completely changed my outlook on life. I completed the last and final goal represented on my 2011 vision board.


Now you may be reading this and wondering – what could be so revolutionary about that? You hang a few pictures on your wall, or make a mini magazine collage and suddenly you’re living life like Oprah? Not exactly. Creating a vision board is more about unlocking the laws of attraction to make your goals a reality. In my How To Create A Vision Board (link) series, I highlight the step-by-step process I used to create mine in 2011 and how I managed to accomplish each goal this year. But it isn’t as easy as cutting up some pictures and throwing them on a piece of cardboard. Here are 5 tips for achieving true success with this method:


1. Set specific, attainable goals.


Want to know the difference between a lofty goal and an attainable one? “I want to make a million dollars from my blog next year” is a lofty goal. “I want to make $5K a month from blog advertising and sponsorship revenue” is an attainable one. The difference is in the specifics. The more specific you are, the easier it is to break your goals down into smaller feasible tasks. Also, be real with yourself. If no blogger has ever made a million off of their blog, don’t expect to knock that one out of the gate in one year. It’s about setting yourself up for small successes that you can celebrate year round and not lofty unattainable goals that are destined for failure.


2. Stick to the plan.


Once your vision board is in place, have monthly benchmarks that get you to your ultimate yearly goal so you can measure your progress. If one of your goals is to increase your blog followers by 50%, start strategizing ways you can get there. Come up with more intriguing content, post more outfits, become a contributor – whatever will get you closer to that goal! Don’t expect things to just happen. You have to put in work first – the universe will do the rest.


3. Pick powerful images


Don’t just settle for a pretty YSL model in Vogue as your centerpiece. How does that image truly represent your goal? If you want to be like Oprah, put her face on your board. If your Mom’s success inspires you, put her face on there too. If you want to land an endorsement deal a la your favorite top blogger, throw a pic of him or her on there. The idea is to choose your images wisely for ultimate success.


4. Jazz it up.


Remember, you’re going to be look at this masterpiece every single day. Make sure it’s attractive. Include a combination of real photos and magazine clippings. Add ribbons, glitter, whatever will ultimately make you happy and trigger your emotions when you see it. That’s what the board is really for. To get you thinking, to make you happy and to motivate you. The same way you spend time doing layout for that perfect blog post or you spend hours editing that video for your site, that’s how much dedication you should dedicate to creating your board.


5. Make it work for you.


Suppose you spend more time online at the library than you do in your bedroom. Why not create a 2012 inspiration board on a website like Pinterest? If you’re a heavy traveller, you might find it easier to create a digital vision board that you can set as the wallpaper on your iPad or the screen-saver on your laptop. Or keep it traditional and put your vision board on the cover of your favorite traveling journal or organizer. The idea is to make it work for you, whatever your lifestyle may be.

Just be sure you see it every single day, so you can watch your blog goals realize before your eyes.

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  1. VbjDuchess

    I am a new fashion blogger. The tips are very inspiring and motivational. It’s about forward thinking!! Thanks again

  2. Sondra

    Awesome post! Just the thing I plan to work on over the long weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. ShalandaO'neal

    Great idea. I am taking it a step further and having more than one. That way I can visualize my fashion, beauty and blogging goals.

  4. Paola

    I think it is also incredibly important to find people who have similar interests to you on instagram.

    For e.g. I like to post a lot of my fashion illustrations as I am working on them and have found a community of illustrators whom I interact with.

    And yes, def mix it up with the filter and USE TAGS!


    instagram: thepvdhjournal

  5. Brianne

    Investing in a DSLR is always a sound decision! Absolutely love these ideas, strategy and creative inspiration is vital 🙂

  6. TheGuayabaProject

    *sigh* I’m new to blogging and having lots of fun…this article gives me hope!

  7. Lawrence

    Happy to have come across your blog, great advice, inspiring and has my wheels spinning.

  8. Vision Board

    This post is very good. There is motivation for others. Really Nice!!!
    Vision Board